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Going on vacation can be more stressful than relaxing if you don't take proper care of your home security. We all know the thrill and excitement one may experience before leaving. It doesn't matter whether you're going for a couple of days or longer. It can be quite overwhelming having to juggle everything before you leave. There are many things to do before leaving home besides packing your suitcases. First of all, you need to set the level of security in and around your home so your home and possessions remain secure. If you have acquired one of the home automation systems available today your task will be much easier and it won't take much time. Sure Lock & Key has written a guide on how to get the maximum benefit from your smart home automation while you're away. Let's take a quick review of some of the main points.

Make It Look Like You're Still Home

The first thing a potential burglar will look for are your lights and the pattern by which they're going on and off. So closing your lights is a major, no no. Scheduling your lights the way they usually turn on every evening is how you would optimally set up your smart home controller. Please notice that leaving your lights on all the time will look very suspicious because homeowners would not leave their lights on deliberately for a few days in a row.
Turn your lights on remotely
Turn your lights on remotely

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Check Your Cameras Regularly

It's always a great idea to be aware of what is happening near and around your home. That, probably, was the first reason you installed your security cameras. Please, don't neglect this benefit. At least once a day, check your security app. They are designed so that each movement will be marked on the timeline, so you won't have to watch hours of videos with your empty yard. Depending on your home security system and smartphone, you can use Alexa to control your home automation. If something seems suspicious, better ask someone you trust to check up on your home. Some cameras are equipped with an intercom so that you can even use it to frighten unwanted guests.

Provide Someone Trustable With An Access

If you're leaving something that requires attention in your home, while you're gone, then you will need to provide someone with access. Undoubtedly, that has to be someone you can trust. It will certainly help if you choose someone who will be ready to come and check whether everything is alright at any time. The great thing about your home security system is that you don't even have to leave physical keys that can be lost or misplaced. When the person is at the door, you can let them in by pressing a button. This is more convenient and comfortable for both of you since it may be a considerable responsibility to keep someone's keys or take care of locks, etc. And it may be inconvenient and worrisome for you to let someone else be responsible for whether your home is locked or not.
smart home security system
smart home security system


Even though home security systems weren’t invented yesterday, many people still have a problem trusting them. However, for most people, being able to see what is going on is a great solution not only for your security but also for calming any anxiety you may have regarding your home safety.

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