Despite the increase in prosperity and the overall quality of life for most people in recent decades, it seems that the overall pace of life has also increased… and at an exponential rate at that. It seems that we have more to do, less time to do it in, and simply not enough hours in the day to squeeze everything in that we would like, want, or need to do. We have our family life, our working life, our leisure time, time with friends and family, and general chores and duties to perform all in the span of twenty-four hours per day, and that’s not even including time we need for sleep and other necessary ‘duties’.

The last thing we need is a proverbial spanner cast into the wrench of our tight and packed daily schedule; those little unforeseen, unfortunate, unplanned, and unwanted happenstances that completely throw us off and upend our plans for the day, plunging them into chaos and confusion and sometimes (in a worst case scenario) catastrophe. In such cases, you often need to call on public services to help resolve the issue at hand, and with such, you hope that they’ll be dependable, reliable, and trustworthy in resolving those pressing issues at hand.

The locks on your home, business, and/or vehicle(s) are no exception to this rule; if they can go wrong, they will go wrong; you can lock yourself out of home or vehicle; you can lose or break your keys; they can get stuck in the ignition, etc… and sometimes at the worst possible time; when you need it most, at the most inconvenient time imaginable, when you have the least time available that day to sort it out, or when the monthly budget is already tight and stretched to breaking point.

Again, in such a scenario, you need the skills and expertise of a professional 24-hour emergency locksmith service, one that is prompt and courteous, understanding of your needs, both effective and efficient in resolving those needs, and competitive in their rates.

The trouble is that there are so many companies offering such services. You can ask yourself “where can I find an emergency locksmith near me?” in your time of need, but choosing the right one is another matter altogether. They all offer attractive websites, flashy graphics, nice pictures, and pithy descriptions of how they’re The Best Service Ever. But we all know - and often through painful experience - that is simply not the case, we don’t live in a perfect world where every company is dependable, reliable, trustworthy, that gives you the best workmanship and value for money. You’re time and money are precious commodities, so you want to get it right first-time if you can.

Don’t worry though; this is where we here at SURE LOCK & KEY are here to help you with any and ALL of your emergency locksmith services… whatever they may be, whenever you need the done… day or night, no job too big and no detail too small for us to deliver the highest customer satisfaction at the lowest cost of any emergency locksmith in the current marketplace.

We know what you’re thinking; “that’s what they all say”... don’t take our word for it - neither should you! - while you’re here, please take a moment and let us SHOW you why we’re not only the best choice for 24-hour emergency locksmith services near you, but dare we say it, we believe we’re the only real choice.


As a 24-hour, full-service emergency locksmith company, we provide a complete comprehensive service to our valued customers relating to their emergency locksmith needs, including but not limited to:

  • Emergency lockout services.
  • Emergency key repair/replacement services.
  • Emergency car unlock services.
  • Emergency car key locksmith services.
  • Emergency automotive locksmith services of any kind.
  • … and much, much more (please ask for specific details).

We here at SURE LOCK & KEY are here to provide you with the very best 24-hour emergency and local locksmith services near you. No job too big and no detail too small in providing our valued customers with the very highest service on the current marketplace, bar none.

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We’ve been doing 24-hour emergency locksmith services for a long time, and so we know our business and customers well. It’s not just the technical aspects of the job that our customers value, it’s also us being a personable and available service for them whenever and however they need us. We firmly believe we offer the very best locksmith services across the great state of Connecticut, and as part of those services, we offer:

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith services.
  • A promise that all phone calls to ourselves will be answered by a live expert operator.
  • No extra charge for evening appointments.
  • A proper 4-hour service call available.
  • A promise that you will receive an appointment the very same day you contact us; no waiting, no hassle, no nonsense.
  • A completely FREE no-obligation assessment and quote from our technician.
  • The most competitive rates in the current marketplace; emergency locksmiths cost owing to the sometimes inconvenient hours they’re called out in, but with us, the customer’s satisfaction comes first, and thus our competitive rates match our superior workmanship.

We employ only the most qualified, experienced, and expert technicians in the field, who upon you contacting ourselves, will visit you at a mutually-agreed time of your convenience, quickly and accurately and objectively assess your underlying locksmith needs, and should you decide to utilise our services, will then work tirelessly to resolve those needs both efficiently and effectively, keeping you fully informed and consulted at every stage of the process, and providing you not only with unrivaled expertise, unmatched workmanship, and peerless customer service/support, but also peace of mind and an assurance that with SURE LOCK & KEY, you’ll be in good hands, whatever your emergency locksmith requirements may be.

Trust us to help you, contact us now for a FREE no-obligation assessment and quote *.


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