Whilst our homes are very precious to us - of course they are, they house our families, our possessions, our very lives - nonetheless they don’t always run as smoothly as we would like; not only can things go wrong on an internal level, like things routinely breaking, falling into disrepair (especially with kids around), or just generally needing replaced because of sustained use over time, but we can also be victims of external factors like robberies to our homes, businesses, and/or even vehicles.

These events are stressful and traumatic in nature; not just because of the violation of our personal spaces and overall sense of safety, but also our home/business/vehicle is often physically damaged by said intrusion and needs repair or replacing. Alongside the emotional cost comes the inevitable financial cost; repair or replacement of doors, windows, locks, installment of security systems to ensure such events don’t happen again as much as we can prevent, etc.

We may need keys and locks replaced, and because those items are so integral, so central to not only the security and safety of our home/business/vehicles, but also to our own personal and emotional sense of safety; if we lose our keys, it’s a stressful thing in itself because it implies access to our most valuable possessions in the hands of a potential total stranger of unknown intent and motive.

In such a potentially traumatic scenario, you will need the immediate services of a professional, dependable, reliable, and trustworthy locksmith company who not only specialize in the replacement or repair of locks but also quickly cutting or duplicating new keys so you can access your property again, carry on with your life, and begin rebuilding that sense of safety and security for both yourself and your family.

But there are a lot of companies out there offering services for key duplication and lock repair/replacement, the choice can be somewhat bewildering… “where can I find a dependable, reliable, and trustworthy lock repair and key duplication service near me?” you’ll ask yourself. All of them have attractive websites, flashy graphics, appealing pictures, and pithy text to convince you to use themselves. But a nice website doesn’t give you ease or peace of mind in knowing that company is going to work to the very highest standard and to your complete satisfaction. Having a broken lock or lost/broken keys is stressful and inconvenient enough, your time and money are precious commodities not be wasted or taken for granted.

This is where we here at SURE LOCK & KEY are here to help and assist you in resolving these issues. We’re a company that works to the highest standards at the lowest and most competitive rates, customer satisfaction is our very highest priority, and that informs everything we do on a daily business in providing our valued customers with unrivaled expertise, unmatched, workmanship, and peerless customer service for all their residential, commercial, and automotive lock repair and key duplication needs, whatever they may entail… no job is too big or detail too small in providing our customers with the very best service in the current marketplace.

“I’ve heard that before, that’s what they all say” you might tell yourself; your scepticism is entirely justified, don’t take our word for it - neither should you! - but please take a moment and let us show you why we here at SURE LOCK & KEY are not only the best choice for your local 24-hour emergency lock and key repair locksmith needs, but dare we say it, we believe we’re the only real choice in providing you a service that is unsurpassed in quality as well as value for money.


As a full-service locksmith company, we provide a full and comprehensive service for all your lock repair and key duplication locksmith needs, including but not limited to:

  • Key duplication.
  • Lock change.
  • Lock repair.
  • Key fob replacement.
  • Automotive key replacement.
  • Change home locks.
  • Lost key replacement.
  • Door lock replacement.
  • … and much, much more (please ask for specific details).

We here at SURE LOCK & KEY are here to provide you with the very best emergency 24-hour lock and key service near you in the current marketplace, bar none.

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We’ve been doing emergency local lock repair and key duplication locksmith services for a long time, and so we know our business and customers well. It’s not just the technical aspects of the job that our customers value, it’s also us being a personable and available service for them whenever and however they need us. We firmly believe we offer the very best locksmith services across the great state of Connecticut, and as part of those services, we offer:

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith services.
  • A promise that all phone calls to ourselves will be answered by a live expert operator.
  • No extra charge for evening appointments.
  • A proper 4-hour service call available.
  • A promise that you will receive an appointment the very same day you contact us; no waiting, no hassle, no nonsense.
  • A completely FREE no-obligation assessment and quote from our technician.
  • The most competitive rates in the current marketplace.

We employ only the most qualified, experienced, and expert technicians in the field, who upon you contacting ourselves, will visit you at a mutually-agreed time of your convenience, quickly and accurately and objectively assess your underlying locksmith needs, and should you decide to utilise our services, will then work tirelessly to resolve those needs both efficiently and effectively, keeping you fully informed and consulted at every stage of the process, and providing you not only with unrivaled expertise, unmatched workmanship, and peerless customer service/support, but also peace of mind and an assurance that with SURE LOCK & KEY, you’ll be in good hands, whatever your locksmith requirements may be.

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