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Running a commercial business or enterprise is already a time-consuming and often stressful occupation in itself; there’s never an end to some matter demanding of your attention, always a problem to be dealt with, always the next task to think about and plan. In ordinary circumstances, running a business is challenging enough as it is, without having to contend with unfortunate and unforeseen happenstances, when such things happen, you need prompt and effective action to deal with the problem and get you business back on an even keel and running smoothly once again.

A potential problem for any business is security, for both your premises and your personnel, you simply can’t take safety and security for granted these days, your locks are effectively the gateway to your business, and thus should be kept in good working order. But wear and tear can occur over time and your

locks can break like anything else. Alternatively, you could also fall victim to burglary or a break-in and your locks may have been damaged beyond repair and need wholesale replacing.


If and when either potential scenario arrives on the scene, you don’t want to waste any time in getting that issue redressed; you need the services of an expert and efficient local commercial door locksmith company who is both prompt, personable, and proficient. There are a lot of locksmith companies out there, competing for your business, but which one should you choose… it’s enough to have you asking “where can I find a trustworthy business locksmith near me?” It’s vitally important that any such company will listen to your concerns,

have experience and wisdom in advising you of the correct course of action to take, and who won’t either your valuable time and money in assessing the problem then resolving it both effectively and efficiently. Most of these companies have nice websites, flashy graphics, appealing photos, and inviting text, but they really don’t give you a clear picture as to their reliability… some companies lamentably confuse cheap with quality, so you need to be sure that the company you choose will be a reliable, dependable, and trustworthy one overall.

This is where we at SURE LOCK & KEY can assist and help; we are here to serve you

We’re a commercial locksmith company founded by four brothers with over 35 years in the industry, and founded on three core principles of great service, fair pricing, and prompt response; the satisfaction of our valued customers is our very highest priority, one which we strive for daily in providing our valued customers with the very highest level of service in the current marketplace; it literally informs everything we do in our interactions with our customers and it is our guiding light in giving them the very best service for all their commercial door

locksmith requirements. We offer the very highest standards at the absolute lowest prices… no catches, no small print, no insidious hidden charges, no nonsense… every day, every call, every customer is one which we go that extra mile for excellence… no job too big, no hour too late, no location too remote… we at SURE LOCK & KEY are here for you… and we willingly stake our good name and professional reputation on that promise, such is our dedication to the complete satisfaction of all our valued customers.

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Our technicians are the most qualified, experienced, and expert in the entire commercial locksmith field right now, and upon you contacting ourselves, we will immediately dispatch our nearest mobile unit to your business premises, or at an agreed time of your convenience, wherein our expert technician will quickly and objectively assess your underlying lock requirement, and should you decide to use our services, will then work tirelessly to resolve that issue both effectively and efficiently, keeping you informed and consulted at every stage of the process, and ultimately providing you with not only unrivaled

expertise, unmatched workmanship, and peerless customer service, but also peace of mind, complete satisfaction, and an assurance that with SURE LOCK & KEY, you’ll be in good hands, whatever your lock requirements may be.

We’re not just another locksmith company, we’re a family and we strive to make sure that each and every one of our valued customers feel like part of that family… we’re ready to serve you at the point of need and to accommodate your busy schedule.


Trust us to help you, contact us now for a FREE no-obligation assessment and quote.

Your complete satisfaction is our core value