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What is the best home security system

In-home wireless security systems consist of several parts that work like one big mechanism. Earlier, people closed their homes and hoped for the better. Now, you close your home and you can know what is going on. The main advantage of using this system is protecting the house or the apartment from intruders. The additional advantage is your peace of mind. Centralized management allows owners to control everything on their own, switching between cameras, turning on an alarm, lights, etc. All you need is to choose the system then place all cameras in the right spots so that you have vision of every corner at any time of your choosing. However the hardest part may be knowing which system to purchase. Choice is wonderful but it’s also, at times, confusing.There are so many products on the market that, without previous knowledge, choosing could be a complete nightmare. Why not use our experience? Sure Lock & Key has been providing locksmith and security services for over 35 years. We’re more than happy to help you make an educated decision. This is what we do , every day. Anyhow time to introduce some variables regarding the information you will need to make the most educated decision possible. Let’s start!

Wired vs wireless alarm systems

That is the biggest dilemma when it comes to choosing. For many people, this question is so hard that they actually give up on getting a home security system at this stage. However, there’s no winner in giving up on something you know you need. The difference is in several points that could be more or less realized and used as the decision maker. Of course the first criterion is your particular needs. For example, wireless security systems with cameras require a battery to gain power. At the same time, the wired analog needs electricity.
Another difference between these system types is how the sensors communicate with the control panel. Wireless systems use radio frequency, while wired systems need several wires hidden under the floor or inside the walls. By the way, it might be hard to find a fully wired system today since the world is moving to wireless technologies slowly but steadily. The majority of them are entirely wireless except for the plug-in control panel and plug-in security cameras.
woman sets up smart home security system
woman sets up smart home security system

How wireless home security system works

To increase the efficiency of the security wireless system, you should understand how exactly it works. The system transmits the signal from the network to a receiver, connected to a person's viewing or recording device. A wireless system would be a perfect solution if you’re afraid to spoil your home interior or you simply aren’t allowed to make changes in your rented home. After all, you can take this system with you when moving to a new place. Another advantage is that wireless systems are easier to install. If you don’t like the idea of strangers coming to your home, you can try installing it yourself. If something goes wrong, you can always call for professional security services at any given moment. Do not think you’re alone if you choose to do it on your own and suddenly you change your mind. We’re always ready to come and help. It’s what we do.
Another wireless home security systems feature you may like is that their functionality doesn’t depend on stable electricity. All you need is to check the batteries from time to time.

Best wireless home security systems

  • ADT

    ADT is the longest-running security company in North America. Their customers can choose between wireless, hardwired, or hybrid alarm systems. The company provides professional monitoring. However, you can also keep an eye on everything via the special app. ADT’s experience is a considerable advantage,as well as their app being most intuitive and easy-to-understand. ADT is considered a professional system, meaning you can’t install it yourself. Also, if you don’t like the idea of other people monitoring your home, you may need to look at other systems on our list.

  • Cove

    Every part of Cove is designed to be easy to use and install, making it relatively cheap. You can combine this system with Alexa and Google. However, there is no self-monitoring option available, and you must pay a monthly fee for 24/7 professionals to watch if everything is alright.

  • Vivint

    A cutting-edge wireless home security system enables you to give voice commands and use artificial intelligence. You don't need to limit yourself to basic requests because AI adapts to the customer's specific needs. The lurker detection option helps prevent a possible break-in, and panic buttons allow you to inform police officers, firefighters, and paramedics. Another feature of the Vinvit is that you can sign for just a month-to-month agreement or a long-term contract.

control security system with smartphone
  • SimplySafe

    It's a low-cost option as you don't need to sign a monitoring contract (it's optional). With its help, you can use up to 41 sensors for monitoring. Battery backup allows you to change an accumulator in an emergency, and the status light informs you about what’s happening with your camera.

  • Abode

    Another option for those who want to protect their home on a budget and without letting strangers into their personal lives. You don't need a contract for monitoring, and you can install the whole system yourself. An abode cam has a 152-degree range so that you can choose a better spot for it. You can interact with the security system via an app on your smartphone in order to manage the footage.

control security system with smartphone

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Summing Up

We don’t know how long the controversy around the best security camera system will last. Probably, as long as these systems exist. There will be new systems and old ones will be renovated and upgraded. You’re always the one who decides which wireless system is the best for you. We understand that it might be hard to make this decision considering how many of them are on the market today. So, why not use Sure Lock & Key and all the experience we possess? We’re happy to help you at every stage. Need answers and information? Call us. Need wireless home security system installation? Call us! We are very Happy to serve. It’s our job and we do it with pride and respect for you and your needs.

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