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Safe and lock boxes are very useful and many times downright necessary items; there are some things in our possession that require that extra level of security to keep them away from danger or violation of privacy. Both private residences, commercial businesses, and even corporate or government entities all have privacy and security considerations to protect, and a safe or lock box can provide that.

But sometimes that security aspect of a safe or lock box can become a hindrance if we either forget our combination lock or keypad number, the lock (whether electronic or mechanical) becomes damaged or broken, or indeed if whilst using a simple key-access safe or lock box, the key breaks off in the lock itself.

What you need in the event of such unfortunate happenstances occurring is a qualified, certified, and expert safe locksmith technician. Locksmith safe opening services are a highly specialized field in locksmith safe services, safe locksmith technicians often train for years in such craft, so you’re going to want a technician who is highly skilled and experienced.

There’s also the obvious security factor to consider as well; any proper, certified safe locksmith technician will rightly and

necessarily require of you to provide proof of ownership if your safe is not wall-mounted and can be moved, so you’ll want a safe locksmith who will ask such questions to give you ssurance that they are a legitimate, qualified, and trustworthy service provider… because, after all, they will be opening your safe or lock box and therefore have instant access to your valuables contained therein, you’re going to have to know for sure that you trust them before they start working on unlocking your safe or lock box.


“Where can I find a locksmith for safe near me?” you’ll inevitably find yourself asking in such a scenario as described above.

This is where we at SURE LOCK & KEY are here to serve and assist you

We’re a professional 24-hour locksmith service founded by four brothers with over 35 years experience in the industry and with a vision to provide the very best locksmith services to the good folks in the great state of Connecticut and further afield.. With such experience, we know our business and we certainly know our customers well… our legacy and guarantee of quality is the countless number of valued customers who trust and rely on SURE LOCK & KEY as their go-to service provider for any and all their locksmith needs… including locksmith safe services.

The complete satisfaction of our valued customers is our single highest priority in everything we do; we have an unswerving belief in treating each and every one of our valued customers with dignity, respect, and honor; to provide them the very highest standard of services and workmanship at the very lowest prices; to give them the standard of service they not only rightly expect but fully deserve. We’re here for our valued customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In short, we deliver because we care

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We employ only the most qualified, experienced, and expert technicians in the field, who will work tirelessly to resolve your safe locksmith requirement both effectively and efficiently. All of our safe locksmith technicians are fully certified and completely

trustworthy, so you can rest assured in full peace of mind that the sensitive nature of security and privacy in opening your safe or lock box will be our highest principle and enforced both rigorously and unconditionally.


The locksmith open safe cost depends greatly on the type of safe or lock box, the complexity of the security mechanism, and the nature of the problem. Whilst we at SURE LOCK & KEY offer the most competitive safe locksmith costs in the current marketplace, bar none and second to no-one, nonetheless to give you an upfront quote here would be disingenuous to you,

our valued customer. It would be best to contact us personally to let us know the nature of the issue with your safe or lock box, and how much time we expect it would take… although we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the unbeatable safe locksmith cost rates we offer.

As a full-service locksmith company, we provide full and comprehensive lock replacement services for all your lock repair and key duplication locksmith needs, including but not limited to:

… and much, much more (please ask for specific details).

Hopefully, as you can see by now, we here at SURE LOCK & KEY are not only the smart choice for the very highest standard of 24-hour safe locksmith services at the very lowest locksmith


open safe cost, but dare we say it, we fully believe we’re the only real choice in the current marketplace

Trust us to help you, contact us now for a FREE no-obligation assessment and quote

Your complete satisfaction is our core value