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How to protect the keyless key against theft on a suitcase

Keyless car entry is not something unusual today. More and more cars are equipped with it by default. More and more people deliberately go for it. However, even though it’s a relatively new invention, unfortunately, progress works in both directions. Thieves have already managed to create different methods to outwit the system. Thankfully, progress works in both directions and we have methods to stop them. Let’s check what they could do and how not to become a victim. We can't sit and wait until someone steals our keys, or instead do something, right away. Being informed means being armed. Sure Lock & Key is always happy to help whether you’re looking for information or service!

Keyless cars thieves - how they work

Let’s start with the keyless cars because this kind of stealing is still new. The thief may trick the system using a special receiver device as if it was the key that's being presented. If the key fob is not in a safe place, there might be no problem for the thief to catch the radio frequency without physical contact.
It takes two to tango and it usually takes two to steal a car with keyless entry. Thieves do everything in pairs using special devices to catch a signal. One of them stands near the vehicle holding a transmitter, while the other stands near the possible key location. When the signal is caught, it is sent to the transmitter so the thief who stands near the car now can unlock it and activate the ignition. He doesn’t trigger an alarm and is unfortunately able to steal a car without any evidence. Moreover, devices they use could be bought online for less than $100 each. You never know where and when the thief might appear, so make sure your car is protected.
keys on the ground
keys on the ground

Get yourself a blocking pouch

A blocking pouch is a compact pocket to put your key fob or a smart key. There is a small metal plate that simply blocks the signal, so the thief can't hack your key fob. Someone may think that this is not proper car thief protection. Well, it's not true. Pouches block all kinds of signals (RFID, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.). These pouches are small, only a bit bigger than your car key, and they easily fit in your suitcase.

Turn off a keyless entry on your fob

That is another method of how to protect keyless entry. Cut off a key fob or a smart key. The thief won't be able to catch the signal remotely cause you made it disappear. The owner`s manual has all the needed information on how to disable a keyless entry. However, even if you won't find this information, you can contact the manufacturer to get more information at this point.

Need more information?

Keep an eye on your suitcase

The better you keep your belongings, the lower your chances of losing them. While holding keys in the suitcase, make sure that you don't lose sight of them. Thieves could appear anywhere in an airport, at a bus station, or just on the street. Moreover, when leaving your car for a long time in a parking lot, don’t forget to hide everything that may attract thieves.

Summing up

Thieves never sleep as car theft is a real danger that could appear anytime. People may forget to turn off a keyless entry or pick up their blocking pouch. It's not a tragedy, and there is no reason to panic even if you’ve lost your key. Car key replacement services are a quick and reliable solution. Sure Lock & Key is a company, we believe, you can always rely on at this point. With 35 years of experience, we were blessed to become one of the best-rated locksmith companies, from coast to coast.
woman seeks keys
woman seeks keys

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