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How smart home technology is changing the landscape of home security

Over the last decade, the security industry has evolved a lot. The appearance of innovative technologies changed the way we view our home security completely. At the beginning of the 21st century, we probably couldn’t even imagine all that we have now.

More and more people choose to use modern technological devices over traditional ones to protect their homes. Smart home technology is at its peak of popularity right now. If you’re still thinking about whether this type of home protection is suitable for you, keep reading. We’re going to discuss devices that are widely used today and talk more about their features.

Keyless electronic door locks

One of the top security devices is smart door locks. They’re considered to be more secure and convenient than traditional mechanical locks. They're more durable and require less maintenance. The main advantage of these locks is the fact that they can be connected to your smartphone. It gives you the ability to control who can access your property and when. Also, you can operate this lock remotely just by pressing a few buttons on your phone.
Some of these locks can be equipped with a camera as well, which gives you even more possibilities for monitoring.

Smart garage door openers

Some people tend to focus only on their home security and they neglect the safety of their garage. However, this might result in really unpleasant consequences, as many criminals use the garage to get inside the house.
To avoid issues like that, consider equipping your door with garage door openers. Just like with smart locks, you can connect your smart opener to your smartphone. That way, you can always check whether your door is closed, and you’ll be notified whenever someone opens it.
This type of device will be more expensive than the regular opener and it requires professional installation. However, it’s definitely worth it, as it’ll significantly enhance the security level.

Fingerprint scanning

Another technology that is on the rise today is biometric security. It’s actually considered to be one of the safest measures of protection. The whole point of this type of security is that these devices require some kind of biometrics to be activated, like fingerprint or iris scan, or voice recognition.
A biometric door lock can’t be picked or accessed by any strangers whose information is not in the system. Plus, most of these locks can be connected to your phone as well, so you’ll be able to monitor your access point at any time.

Smart home security cameras

Without any doubt, home security cameras are one of the top security devices you can use to protect your house from intruders. First of all, they act as a strong crime deterrent, as no criminal would want to be noticed. Plus, these devices give you the ability to keep an eye on your property at any time.
Today, they developed even more and got emerged with smart technology. So, you can easily view everything that is going on in your house by opening an app on your phone. These cameras may be equipped with motion sensors, so you’ll be notified of any suspicious activity immediately. It’s really convenient, as you have 24/7 control over your property.
If you’re thinking about equipping your house with smart security cameras, you might need professional security services.

Home automation sensors and systems

Another trend that has been gaining popularity today is the usage of home automation systems. These systems allow you to control various devices in your home. Keep in mind that these devices have to be connected to the Internet.
These devices can really help you to make your house safer from the outside and from the inside. You can equip your house with smart sensors of various types. They can control the temperature inside your home, and they can detect leakage or motion. Anytime they note any activity that is outside the “normal” range, you’ll be notified via an app on your smartphone. Even when you’re on vacation, you’ll have the possibility to monitor your house remotely.
smart home automation
smart home automation

Summing up

Smart technology has significantly changed the security industry in recent years. Smart locks, cameras, and security systems are just a few examples of how technology has revolutionized the security industry. Overall, smart technology has revolutionized the security industry, providing greater convenience, accessibility, and customization while improving surveillance and automation capabilities.
If you need any assistance with equipping your house with smart security devices, Sure Lock & Key will gladly assist you.

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