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How do I connect my security camera to my phone

Today, more and more people are considering installing surveillance cameras to enhance the level of their home security. As a locksmith and security company with extensive experience, Sure Lock & Key has seen home security developing and advancing over the years. Luckily, today the security devices market has myriads of options for every budget, so you won't have problems choosing the best one just for you. If you eventually decided to satisfy your need for home safety, purchased and installed some security cameras, we're more than happy! The only thing left is to link the cameras to your phone so that you can easily track the situation when you're away. In the article below, we shared how to do it yourself. However, if you bought a camera and need assistance with installation, feel free to use professional security services.

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What locks do vending machines use

For many of us, vending machines were our savers at least once. At hospitals, airports, parking lots, or motel lobbies, they saved thousands of people from hunger, cheered them up a little but sometimes a little is a lot. What do you look at when passing a vending machine? What is inside? Have you ever paid attention to a lock it is equipped with? Usually, these machines use tubular locks. However, they are widely used for public buildings, securing people’s items in gyms, for example. Let’s take a look at the lock type that secures the many types of food products that are inside a vending machine, why it’s so great for this purpose, and its advantages and disadvantages. Sure Lock & Key is ready to be your personal locksmith encyclopedia when it comes to any lock and key-related questions.

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What is a revolving door used for

Probably, all of you have seen a revolving door and used one. They're commonly used in malls, office buildings, hospitals and all kinds of other high-rise buildings. These doors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are functional as well. They're a perfect option for facilities that many people enter every day. The entry becomes much easier and faster and unlike the hinged doors, revolving doors don't get worn out that easily. Even though many people might think that this type of door is one of the newer inventions, it appeared at the end of the 19th century in Pennsylvania. Over the years, they were modified a lot and eventually, they came to the form we're all used to. Today, we want to talk more about how this door works and its main pros and cons. Let's dive in.

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What is a hollow metal door

There are so many different factors you'll need to consider when choosing a door for a commercial building. It might be even harder to decide on this door than on the one for your house. It should be secure, reliable and last a long time. One of the most popular door types used in various industrial buildings and public facilities is a hollow metal door. Probably, you've seen and used it at some point in your life. These doors are composed of strong and sturdy materials that can withstand various attacks or fires. Let's discuss in more detail where this type of door is used and what it can offer you.

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What is a weatherproof CCTV camera

The security system of your house, office or other property can consist of many different devices. One of the devices which is known as one of the most efficient security items is a CCTV camera. This is not a surprise because CCTV cameras provide the highest level of security due to their multi-functionality. Still, even accomplished devices like this need some protection, especially if we are talking about outdoor CCTV cameras. Undoubtedly, the weather cannot always be light and sunny. Winters especially contain conditions of rain and cold. That's why some of our outdoor devices may need the feature of weatherproofing, and CCTV cameras are no exception. If you still do not know about the advantages of this fantastic device, then let's take a look at its main features!

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What are bullet-type cameras

You probably have seen bullet-type security cameras dozens of times on the streets. These are those cameras of cylindrical shape often installed on buildings' corners. They are widely known to be a strong burglar deterrent since they are easier to spot than dome cameras. Like any other security device, bullet cameras have their pros and cons. So, before deciding on which camera you would prefer for your property, let's check in detail when bullet cameras may work the best for you and when they won't offer you what you need. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to give you a helping hand whenever it comes to security services to complicated security-related questions.

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What is a dome-type camera

Can you proudly say that your home is your castle? What makes it a fortress? Is there something you would like to add to make it even more impregnable? CCTV cameras may be the final touch or the first step when trying to upgrade your home's security level. There are at least two options to choose from when getting security cameras – dome cameras or bullet cameras. Dome cameras got their name due to their circular dome shape. Usually, you can find them mounted to ceilings inside buildings. Bullet cameras got their names from their cylindrical shape. As a rule, you can find them on walls inside and outside. However, when you're done with that choice, you will have to go deeper and choose which type of dome or bullet cameras you would like. Let's take a closer look at dome cameras, their main features, disadvantages and main types of this kind of cameras. Sure Lock & Key is always happy and ready to make all the complicated things about security services as clear as possible to you!

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How do high-speed doors work

If you're an owner of a big warehouse or any public space, you know how hard it might be to find the proper door for your facility. Many people enter buildings like that throughout the day. That's why it's essential to get a door that will not get worn out easily. Mechanical doors, even the most qualitative ones, are not the best option for commercial properties and public facilities. These buildings are mostly equipped with automated doors. Today, there are so many different types of these doors out in the market. Which one is the best for your business and what to consider before making the decision? Sure Lock & Key created a little guide on one of the most popular doors of that type – high-speed door. Let's dive in!

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Do outdoor security cameras record all the time

Today, having a “spare pair of eyes” that can watch your property when you're away is a valuable privilege. However, you probably know that security camera installation is quite expensive. Before deciding whether you need it or not, it might be useful to know the pros and cons of these devices. One of the most asked questions we hear is probably whether the cameras work all the time, recording footage or not. Well, it's definitely a reasonable question, as most people want to have the possibility of constant monitoring. Plus, the recorded footage can be used in case something bad unfortunately happens. As a locksmith and security company with over 35 years of experience, Sure Lock & Key knows how important it is to consider customers' desires. That's why we want to share the information with you so that you can choose your best option. We invite you to keep reading if you're interested.

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