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How to get a new key for your car on the spot

Losing your car keys is always an unpleasant, stressful and frustrating situation. When this happens first comes the localized search. After the initial anxious search, you will eventually settle down , think and then logically decide to retrace your steps and your keys in the jacket you were wearing yesterday or between cushions on your couch. What a relief to know that everything is alright and you can use your car and go whenever you need. However, it might happen that after checking every pair of trousers you have, every jacket and bag, and every corner of your house, you realize that your keys are gone for good. Thousands of people lose their keys every day, so having a backup plan may be essential. For some, this means keeping a spare key, but what if you didn’t have one? What to do if you can’t use your car to go to your local locksmith? No worries. An automotive locksmith is your best solution. Let’s check what you need to know to get your new car keys made on the spot!

Car keys made on the spot

If you lose your car keys or if they have been stolen, you will need a car locksmith who can professionally make a car key near you. Maybe you were prudent and now you can take your spare key and go where you need it as if nothing happened. However, depending on your key type, you still might need a locksmith to reprogram it, so the stolen or lost key won’t work with your car anymore.
After you realize that you don’t have a key anymore, there’s no need to panic because getting a new one has never been so easy. So, where can you get car keys made? It may come as a surprise, but even in this, at first sight, hopeless situation, you have options. You can always go to your car dealership but there is a wiser and more cost effective alternative. An automotive locksmith can come to you and make a car key on the spot regardless of your car's make, model and year and whether it was manufactured a year ago or three decades ago. We use special mobile service vans with all the needed equipment and tools to provide you with a new key on site.

A car key made without the original

The good news is that it is possible to get a new car key without the original one. You can resolve your issue by going to your car dealer or heading straight to a locksmith. In the end, you will have a new key but the processes are slightly different. If you choose the first method, be ready to spend some time without your car and pay a bit more than you would need to if choosing a locksmith. However, what is more important, if you choose a locksmith, you will have your key in a few minutes. Imagine you got stuck without a car key somewhere far from home. The dealer-solution might not be the best option. So, if you’re determined to have a new key quickly and cost-effectively, you will need to provide a tech with some details.
  • Vehicle make, model and year
  • Vehicle registration
  • Title
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The information is needed to fasten the process and prove you’re the legal owner. If you have no idea about any of these and your title is locked inside the vehicle, don’t worry. We’re here to help.
    car key in hand
    car key in hand

    How fast can a locksmith make a key

    The time it takes to get a car replacement key for a car depends on your vehicle make, model and year, your locksmith’s skills and experience. If there are no pitfalls or surprises, a locksmith needs about 20-30 minutesю. However, calling a locksmith, you need to remember that each case is unique with its unique features. For example, producing a key with built-in remote unlock buttons usually takes longer. A locksmith needs to program the new transponder into your car. As for mechanical keys, locksmiths most likely have pre-made key blanks, so half of the deal is done. However, if it needs to be ordered for you, it might take up to a few weeks to replace the car key!

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    Can a locksmith make a key for any car

    Yes, the locksmith can make a car key for any car. The process contains a few steps, each of which requires skills and experience. If the first move is wrong, all the next ones will be pointless.
    First, the locksmith starts by determining the car’s make, model and year. Additionally, it’s crucial to check and ask whether there was any intrusion into the car’s locking mechanism. Otherwise, identifying the needed key blank will be hard. If the car is old and there were many previous owners, the current one might not be aware of what was changed. Thankfully, today we have specialized software to make the process easier.
    Then, if the car is old, a locksmith has to cut a new key. Using a key code and specialist software, a technician knows what cuts must be cut into the blank key. However, if there’s no separate key or the key and the owner possesses no information about it, getting a key code might be hard. Usually, we use a key decoder or remove the driver’s door and check for the code embossed on the lock.
    If we’re dealing with technically advanced keys, our second step is key programming. Transponder keys, key fobs, and smart keys are used for the newest cars and have a built-in electronic chip in the key head. How does the chip work? When you insert your key into the ignition switch, the chip sends the signal to the engine immobilizer, allowing it to start. The key will not start the car without the correct chip, no matter what you do and how hard you turn it. To provide you with a transponder key, a locksmith may go two different ways. The first and most common is key cloning. The key you get is a copy of the key you already have. Eventually, your car recognizes the new key because it’s an identical twin to the previous one. The second one is programming the key into the vehicle. That method is much harder and requires more experience and specialized equipment.
    flip car key
    Finally, you have your new key. Is this the end? Not quite. Now, a locksmith has to test whether everything works correctly, so you won’t need to call for services once again.
    flip car key

    Summing up

    Getting a new key on the spot is easier than ever. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, a locksmith can provide you with a perfectly cut key in a few minutes. What remains hard is finding a locksmith company that has the experience and skills and can give you a helping hand no matter what time and location. If you’re in dire need of a new car key, call us. Sure Lock & Key is a 24/7 locksmith company with more than three decades of experience in the locksmith and security industry. What is more important, we use state-of-the-art mobile service vans to come to you as quickly as possible and resolve your issue on-site.

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