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What To Do If I Lost My Car Keys And Have No Spare

Have you ever dealt with car key loss? No? That’s strange but nevertheless, our congratulations. Being a locksmith company with considerable experience, we can assure you that car key replacement is the most requested service. So, it’s possible that you’re here because you just have lost your key and need help. Let us provide you with helpful tips on how to solve this problem painlessly and as quickly as possible.

What To Do If You Lost Your Car Keys

To find out that you’ve lost your car keys can be a very unpleasant surprise. As a rule, that usually happens when you’re in a rush or too overwhelmed. That’s why it’s crucial to solve the problem straight away. The main rule for everyone who has just lost their keys is to stay calm. There’s no need to panic. Let’s figure out what you should do.
There are two ways to get a new car key. You can call your car dealership or call an automotive locksmith. The first method isn’t an easy one since it will take you longer. To get a replacement car key quickly and on site, you need a locksmith. Using a mobile service van, the technician can reach out to you and replace your key without delay. Even if you lost the only key to your car, a licensed and skilled locksmith would be able to help you.
So, you just have called a locksmith. Now what? He needs to know your car key type.

What Type Of Car Keys You Lost?

You may think that there’s no difference for a pro whether you’ve lost a transponder key or a common mechanical one. That’s true, but by providing a tech with the information about the key you need, you will hasten the process altogether.
There are a few types of car keys. Here are the most common ones. Define yours to be aware and prepared for any car key issue you may experience in the future, especially in the situation where you lost your car key and have no spare.
  • A smart key isn’t a key in the traditional sense. They are made to spare you unnecessary fuss with the locks. You don’t even have to put it in the ignition to start a car. Being a technologically advanced device with lots of electronic components, its replacement is a task for a professional locksmith only.
  • A remote key, besides starting a car, also unlock and lock it when you’re near your vehicle. Being a complex system, its replacement takes longer, needs special equipment, access to the sources of information accessible only for the licensed locksmiths, appropriate skills, and costs more. This key type can be of different kinds.
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  • A transponder car key is more advanced than the previous one. Being equipped with the chip in the key handle, this key type seriously decreases the risk of intrusion and theft. If you lose a transponder key, a locksmith needs not only to cut a key but also program it.
  • A valet key, obviously, was designed for valets. The list of its functions is limited. Using one like that, you can only lock or unlock your car. Its replacement doesn’t take long and costs less than the previous ones.
  • A mechanical or traditional car keys replacement isn’t difficult or pricey. The tech cuts a new key using a standard key blank and cutting machine. These keys are common for older cars.
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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Key

Car key replacement cost depends on several factors. First of all, the main role plays your locksmith company’s pricing policy. We in Sure Lock & Key believe that no company can be really helpful without affordable prices. And since our main goal is to be truly useful, we set only fair prices for all of our services.
Also, the price depends on the type of key you need. Some of them cost more than others. If you’re an owner of the latest key fob, you’re going to pay more, but the safety it gives you and your car is priceless.
Another critical factor that affects the price is the time when you need the service and your location. That’s why choosing a local locksmith is always cheaper and more effective since the tech doesn’t need to ride from the other town to make you a car key.

How To Get A Replacement Car Key Without The Original

It may seem like a miracle, but a really skilled and licensed locksmith indeed can make a new car key without an original one. To make a new key for a car, the technician needs special tools, and appropriate information about your car’s make, model, and year. The locksmith uses a cutting machine to cut a new one suitable for your car. If it’s a transponder key or a key fob, the tech also will program it.
You should trust your lost car key replacement to the professionals only. That’s the surest way to get a perfectly working key without difficulties. If you’re not sure how to choose the best locksmith and the traditional method of googling “car key replacement near me” didn’t help, here you can find some useful information we’d shared earlier.
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