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Can Someone Hack My Key Fob

Generally speaking, when your key fob doesn’t work, the problem may hide in the key fob itself or into your lock. So, the solution will have at least two stages. First of all, we need to figure out what is malfunctioning to solve the problem. Sure Lock & Key is here to make that key fob work again or to provide you with the answers. Read our blog post to get all the needed information for a quick diagnosis and quick repair!

How Is Key Fob Hacking Possible?

Car keys become more and more advanced and durable from year to year. But every action has a reaction, and car thieves create new and new ways to hack car keys. One of the biggest risks car keys with key fobs are exposed to is unauthorized key cloning. Some cars can have flaws in their encryption which hackers can use to get access. Using an RFID transmitter, they can copy the signal produced by the key fob and unlock the car. A thief doesn’t even have to be able to start your car by using techniques like hotwiring or a classic screwdriver method. Sometimes it’s more than enough to steal assets you’ve recklessly left inside. So, the most important thing you should become accustomed to is taking all the precious items with you when leaving the car.
Another method to hack a key fob is signal boosting, which means that someone can steal your signal. A special device fools your car and key fob. They both “think” that they are near one another, then it sends out the signal to unlock the vehicle.
All of these methods are so dangerous because they don’t require any special and expensive equipment. And unfortunately, it isn’t so hard to find appropriate online videos on how to hack a key fob. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of all the possibilities.
key fob on table
key fob on table

Is My Key Fob Vulnerable To Hacking?

First of all, not all cars can be hacked by the method described above. Science research shows that a range of vehicles manufactured during 2009-2017 can be hacked by key cloning. For example, many professionals agree that the most vulnerable are Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, and Tesla. However, there might be a lot more cars with encryption flaws we don’t know about yet. For your calmness, we need to note that encryption flaws are usually common among older cars sold outside the USA.
Also, you need to know that such a hacking method requires a thief to stand near the car. Hacking can’t be done over the Internet or from far above. So, it’s always better to leave your car in reliable places, in park slots with CCTV cameras, etc.
Another important thing is that now when car manufacturers are aware of encryption issues, they can solve them. Moreover, using this experience, they can provide us with stronger car key security measures in the future.

How Can I Prevent My Key Fob From Being Hacked?

It would be nice if we could have a two-step verification when unlocking and starting a car. But it’s impossible, at least yet. However, we can use other methods to prevent our key fobs from being hacked. The best and the most simple solution is to block a key fob’s signal. For this purpose, you can use a Faraday bag. It’s made of flexible metallic fabric to stop any signal from getting out or getting in the bag. They can be of different sizes to contain every device you need to protect. Also, they are in different price ranges, so you will easily find the one that suits you best.
If a Faraday bag isn’t for you, you can store your key fob in a safe or some other metal object. But take into consideration that this storing method isn’t as secure as a Faraday bag.
Another method to make the thief's work harder is to reprogram your key fob from time to time. All you need is a reliable locksmith who can manage this task in a few minutes. But it requires more time and money. At the same time, you buy a Faraday bag once, and don’t have to worry about your key fob safety for a long time.
In any case, remember that key fobs require attention and careful maintenance just to serve you as long as possible.
customer received new key fob
customer received new key fob

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