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What is a key decoder

Life is full of surprises. Some of them are nice and some of them are rather unpleasant. A broken key definitely belongs to the second type. However, professional locksmith services are a sure way out of this situation, no matter the aggravating circumstances. When you need to make a new key, but duplication is impossible due to a key’s deformation, decoding is one of the solutions. The technology allows the creation of an identical key using a broken one or even a door lock if the key is missing. Each key has a unique code in the form of cuts on the blade, so it is impossible to buy the same key. In this case, decoding is great because a technician can determine the code and reproduce the key. It is also worth adding that there are several types of key decoders. The difference is that certain types require a key, while others can determine the codes using only the door lock. So below, we will look at some types of key decoders. Let’s begin!

Types of key decoders: Pin Tumbler and Wafer Decoders

The most common key decoders are pin tumbler decoders and wafer decoders. The first one is the most used because it is associated with the most popular type of lock – the pin-tumbler lock. Wafer decoders are used for the locks equipped with plates instead of pins. Both of them require a key to decode. Also, to make a new key, you need to know the brand of the lock, which can be found on the key itself.
If there’s no chance to use a key for decoding because it’s missed or damaged too severely, you may use the Lishi decoder. This type of decoder determines the code using a door lock only.
kwikset decoder
kwikset decoder

Tubular Decoders

One of the rarest locks is the so-called tubular lock. It is made in the form of a tube with round pins. You need a key, or a tubular lock pick to decode this type of lock. As for the lock pick, when inserted into the lock, they change its shape and copy the necessary bumps inside the lock. These tubular keys decoders are usually made in the form of standard non-tubular keys with bitting that measure the depth of cuts. All bumps on the decoder are also numbered so you can write down the code you need.

SmartKey Decoders

The Kwikset company produces decoders that are suitable not only for their devices but also for other manufacturers’ locks. This decoder works with those smart locks that still use keys for opening. The smart lock decoder is usually made in the form of a key that performs the functions of a camera. Thus, to get the key code, you need to put the buffer on the key and insert it into the lock. So the decoder photographs what is inside and sends the photo to your smartphone or another device. After that, you can write down the code and generate a new key.
smart key decoder
smart key decoder

Disk Detainer Decoders

As for decoders for disk detainer locks, at first glance, it may seem that they are extremely difficult to use. However, the complexity lies only in the structure of the lock itself, while the decoder is quite simple to operate. To decode the lock, you need to insert the decoder into the keyhole and turn each knob as far as it will go. After that, the lock should open, and you can write down the necessary code.

Is it possible to decode a lost car key

Sometimes unpleasant situations can happen unexpectedly and completely change your plans. For example, a lost car key might change everything upside down. However, what to do if you lose your car keys? In this case, it is advisable to ensure that no one will have access to your car if they find your keys. That's why going for a key decoding service is a wise decision. However, if you had only one set of car keys and lost them, then you may decode your car lock. After that, you will receive a code and can make new keys for the car or recode your lock so no one will be able to open your car with the old ones.

Summing up

Key decoding is a great solution if you need a new key when the old one is damaged or lost. If you need this service, then you may call Sure Lock & Key! We provide a full spectrum of locksmith services and are always happy to assist you!

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