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Where can I get car key replacement

A car key is a perfect object to get lost, but keys can also break or in rare situations even be objects of theft. So, if any of the above occurs, no worries, there are so many easy and affordable solutions. Car key replacement is a big part of the Locksmith industry today which means this service is highly developed with many options. Being one of the leaders in the marketplace, Sure Lock & Key, would like to help you become aware of all car key replacement options, so that losing the use of a key, for any reason, is not a concern or fear, anymore… Keep reading!

Places To Get New Car Keys

Car keys lost, broken, or stolen are a common occurrence. Any of these situations are highly inconvenient and can even become dangerous. That’s why it’s always better to know what you can do to get a new key, asap.
new car key and key fob
new car key and key fob

Need more information?

Car Dealership

Your vehicle dealer can help you to get a new car key for your car model and year. This way is always reliable but may take you a lot of time. Also, this method of car key replacement always costs more. So, if you’re googling “Where can I get a spare car key made at a cheap price?”, then this method probably won’t suit you. The other disadvantage is that you have to bring your car and all the keys you have with you. Someone who has lost the last key, simply can’t do that.

Automotive Locksmith Services

An automotive locksmith is likely the most reliable choice for new car key making. Locksmith’s car key-making service is less expensive and faster. A skilled locksmith can make a new key of any type (mechanical, transponder, proximity keys, etc). If you can’t reach them, since you can’t open and drive your car without a key, they will come to you and fix your key issue on the spot. So, in reply to your Googling “Where can I get car keys made?” Just call Sure Lock & Key, and our professionals will come and help you and we'll do it super quick.
key cutting
key cutting

Why Spare Car Keys Are Always A Good Idea

When you are prepared, you can solve any issue that may arise, much faster. Also, when you know what to do or have a backup plan, you can avoid stress, save money and time. So, how can you be prepared for a key loss? You can always make a car key copy and hide it in your wallet or somewhere in your house. To be prepared fully, you can give a spare key to someone you trust who could deliver it to you. You can check our list of the 10 best places to hide a spare key or just create your own hiding place.
If this scenario doesn’t suit you, then you can find a local locksmith who can reach you without delay and make a new key, asap, if necessary.
Is it so important to use only a local locksmith? Yes, because you can get the service you need faster and it will cost you less. It may happen that Sure Lock & Key is one of your local locksmith companies since we have many locations across the USA. So, if you need a new car key or somebody’s asking you “Where can you get a car key made?” Call us! Sure Lock and Key, for the sure thing. We will do our best to satisfy you!

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