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Car Key Replacement

There are lots of situations when you may need car key replacement. Obviously, none of them can be a pleasant experience. But it’s going to be even more unpleasant if you’re not familiar with the car key replacement process and its details at all. So, let’s figure out when you need it, where you can get car key replacement, how much car key replacement will cost you, what options are available, etc. Being a highly experienced locksmith, Sure Lock & Key has lots of secrets and details to share with you. We’re glad to help you in all possible ways because sharing is caring.

Do I Need A Car Key Replacement If I Lost My Key?

The most common reason for car key replacement is its loss. Losing the last car key, people can’t use their vehicle. But even if you have a spare one, you can’t be 100% sure that the lost one didn’t fall into the wrong hands. It’s better to call a locksmith to get a new one, or get the available old one reprogrammed, so the lost key won’t be suitable for your car.
Thanks to the locksmiths’ latest technical achievements, you don’t even have to worry about how to get a replacement car key without an original one.
Another reason why people may decide to get a new car key is the wish to have a spare key in case of future loss or breakage. It’s really very convenient and can save your time in the future.

A Broken Car Key Replacement

Also, people need to get a new car key if the available one is broken. Modern car keys are designed to be solid but we can’t totally exclude such a situation. Constant and uncareful usage can cause damage that can lead to breakage. Unless you’re a cool movie hero who can start a car by hot-wire, you need to call a locksmith to be able to use your car. Broken car key replacement won’t cause you inconveniences if the locksmith you choose for it knows how to do it correctly. Don’t know how to choose the right one? Here we prepared some beneficial tips on how to find the best locksmith. Also, a broken car key loop replacement won’t be a problem for a skilled tech as well. Using special tools and information available for the licensed locksmiths, a locksmith technician will provide you with the new key quickly.
broken car key
broken car key

How Much Does A Car Key Replacement Cost?

Car key replacement is one of the most requested services nowadays. It’s not so difficult to misplace or lose your car key. Unfortunately, it’s even easier to get it stolen. Pricing in this area depends on different factors. But there is a rule of thumb - the more rare and luxurious your car is, the more you need to pay for the needed service, including key replacement.
Locksmith services for remotes and transponder keys can be expensive, but these key types provide a higher level of security. Paying extra money for its cutting and programming you can be sure that your car is safe whenever you leave it.
man holds a car key
man holds a car key

Other Factors That Can Affect The Price

If you lost your last key, so you can’t provide a locksmith with the original one, the price will be higher. But at least you can hasten the process by providing the tech by VIN-number of your car.
To make a new key from scratch, a locksmith needs special tools and appropriate information only licensed locksmiths can get. Sure Lock & Key’s technicians have access to the latest equipment and systems and to the special sources of information to provide our customers with a needed key of high quality in a short time. Also, if you need an emergency car key replacement, the price will be higher as well.