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5 advantages of a video intercom system

It's been said that a home should be like a fortress, with every corner protected, not only inside but outside as well. Smart intercoms are very useful for this because together with other devices, they could significantly increase the security level of a home. They allow you to view the person before they enter any room of your home. By installing a video intercom system, you can prevent any unwanted guests from entering your property. This will make your life much easier and safer which will make you and your loved ones feel much more secure. Before installing this system, however, you probably want to know more about some of the benefits it can offer you. Sure Lock & Key gathered together 5 main advantages of such systems below.

Main benefits of a video intercom system

  • Access the system remotely: This means that you can not only use a separate application for your smartphone, but also specially designed software for this purpose. For example, if you are building a new house, you can give this information to the workers while they construct entrances.
  • Improve guest management: the Intercom system for the home allows you to control all access points directly. For example, if it is a large building with multiple entrances, you can see who enters the facility and what time they enter.
  • Manage the footage: surveillance cameras use a large amount of gigabytes for their content, which can take up a lot of room on your hard drive. You might quickly run out of space. That's why it's a good idea to save your images and videos to a cloud storage, or delete those that are not relevant.
  • Secure your package delivery: a package could be delivered to you without any kind of prior notification. In this case you won't know who delivered it or if someone took it. However, a properly situated intercom with cameras could resolve this problem. With a clear view of the person who delivered the package, you can easily identify the courier or the potential thief. For example, you receive a package, and later someone you don't recognize takes this package. The camera captures this person's face, so you can use this as evidence when you report it as stolen.
video intercom system
  • Easy installation: you don't need to make fundamental changes to your home to install the camera intercom system. Just find a place where the camera will be able to show as much as possible of the area you need for surveillance. If you are unsure about how to handle this, you should consider calling a residential locksmith. This person has been trained in the required skills and has acquired the knowledge to do the job right.
video intercom system

Need more information?

How does the video intercom work

The primary function of intercom systems for the home is to control access and prevent thieves from entering the house. When installed at the entrance, it allows the occupant to identify the visitor, communicate with this person if needed, and grant or deny access. Some advanced systems use AI voice recognition to route visitors' calls. If the recognition matches, the owner can see the visitor's face on the screen and talk to this person directly. If you have a mobile app installed, you can complete the process remotely without using the remote control.
Intercom with a camera is much better than audio-only systems. For example, you can integrate this intercom with other systems and improve the security process. If you have home security cameras installed, you can manage access and control everything with only one device. Make sure you know the best places to install security cameras, so it will be easier to cover the entire area.

Why do I need a video door intercom system?

An intercom system is a type of security technology with two-way communication. It means that the person who has access to the control panel can communicate with the one who is at the entrance. The home's intercom camera systems are placed near the front door or gate. When you see who arrives, you can decide whether or not to allow them entry. Because it is equipped with a microphone, it enables you to communicate with the visitor.
Sometimes, you can do this with an application anywhere inside the facility. Even if you are far from home, you can still check who is at the entrance to your home. Is it a postman, a neighbor who wants to borrow some tools, or someone that you don't recognize? With the camera intercom system, you can easily identify these people and avoid stressful situations.

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What is the best video intercom system

The flexibility of camera intercom systems is rapidly expanding, as people search for the best available option. Each one has specific features and different benefits. Here below we have listed three intercom systems that many consider to be the best:
  • Echo Show 8: this system got its name from the 8-inch touch screen. Easy to assemble and use, it only needs an internet connection to communicate with other devices. You can turn it off or set it up with a voice command by using the voice control option. In addition, if you want you can listen to a podcast or an audiobook with Echo Show 8.
  • Hosmart Full Duplex Wireless Intercom System: a simple and easy-to-use intercom for two-way communication, it consists of a base and a subunit. It is battery operated and the resulting signal could show up to 1,000 feet. Group communication can be increased to up to three subunits with one base. Also, you can perform room monitoring by using this system.
  • Amazon Wireless Doorbell Intercom System: this system features the latest IP technology used when a visitor rings a doorbell and the person inside the home receives a notification on their phone. With it, you can communicate with the person remotely and even unlock the door. You can set up communication between the indoor monitors and outdoor cameras (two doorbells and four monitors in total). The doorbell camera has a 1080p camera with a 115-degree wide-angle view and is resistant to water. This camera also has a built-in infrared sensor and night vision so that you can identify the person even in the dark.
video intercom system
video intercom system

Summing up

Intercom with the camera is something that you should consider as a core element of your home security. While making your property safer, you can use several tools to cover a particular area of your house. The main entrance is probably the most important, so you should consider how to install the intercom correctly. Some tenants or home owners may not have time to do this themselves, and that's why it's a good idea to consult with a professional. Having a local locksmith you can count on is an intelligent solution. Technicians from Sure Lock & Key are available 24 hours a day throughout the year. Do you need help? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

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