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The Alarm System History Guide

Feeling safe and protected is one of Mankind's most essential needs. No wonder we have been so concerned about it throughout history. Today, we’re lucky to have all these magnificent state-of-the-art security technologies, but our grandparents didn’t. How has the security industry developed so greatly during the last few decades? What has changed it and shaped it? This Sure Lock & Key short blog will give you a quick understanding of home security, its importance, and why shortly it will become even more important and definitely more advanced!

How it started

To understand how the idea of an alarm system appeared, we need to understand how a human being's protective mechanisms work. When a person faces a situation similar to some previous negative experience, the knee jerk decision is usually not to face it and run away. In other words, we all have triggers that we have learned works to protect us from potential danger, many are subconscious. That’s why some unusual sound, such as a screeching alarm is an excellent base for a security system. We can assume that people used primitive concoctions of a similar type long before the actual alarm invention. It may come as a surprise, but from the point of view of a person of, for example, the 17th century, a dog was much like an alarm system. However, this industry officially started in the 18th century. An English inventor, Tildesly created the first-known anti-burglar alarm system. It consisted of a lock. Attached to it were chimes that sounded once an unauthorized person tried to enter the house.
unlocking a door lock with smartphone
unlocking a door lock with smartphone

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Powered up alarm systems

The next step was more or less the alarm system we know today. An American inventor Augustus Russel Pope created the first electro-magnetic alarm system in 1853. This system was based on the electric circuit opening/closing. When someone would open a door or window, a hammer started to strike the brass bell to produce an alarming sound. The whole system was battery operated and equipped with an additional mechanism that kept the hammer striking even after the intruder closed the door or window. Only four years later, Edwin Holmes bought Pope’s invention and founded the first known home security company.
By the end of the 19th century, the concept of the alarm system changed and became more advanced. Edward A. Calahan, one of the pioneers of home security, used American District Telegraph to connect people’s homes, so the police station and fire services would be notified, in case of emergency.

Surveillance cameras

Post-war anxiety and fear were solid reasons for developing and spreading CCTV cameras. Such technology was known earlier, but the idea of using it for home security was new. In 1966 Marie van Brittan Brown invented the first home security video system. Besides monitoring, an owner could also open or close a door using a remote. Approximately at this time, fire alarm technology was developed as well. It immediately reduced the risk of fatal accidents. Working together, these two systems provided people with the security and protection they needed that previous generations could not even have imagined.
typing a pin code for a smart security system
typing a pin code for a smart security system


Today, home security systems are widely used. A lot of homeowners enjoy the advantages they give, especially in the sense of Security and comfort in knowing that they and their loved ones are protected. Why not consider it for your own home? Finding an affordable system for your needs and budget is quite easy. There are so many options that really work and also varying payment schedules created to a person's personal needs. We, at Sure Lock & Key can help it happen for you and your family so you can enjoy the pleasure of feeling safe and protected 24 hours a day throughout the year. Having more than three decades of experience in the security industry, Sure Lock & Key is a trustworthy, highly professional and affordable solution for all of your security needs.

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