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Why Is Security Important

Who could have imagined our lives would change so drastically during the last two years? Our homes replaced dozens of the places we used to visit every day. Making your home your castle may be a great idea and you've probably already made some moves in that direction. Including some necessary actions that make your home more protected. However, only an integrated approach is efficient. You may consider using a security audit to find all the breaches and handle all the potential security issues, even those tiny ones. A security audit might be a new concept for you, but it is worth your attention. Sure Lock & Key is more than happy to help you understand what a security audit is, how it works and when you may need it. Please read on…

Why Do We Need A Security Audit

How often do you make improvements to your home’s security? Are you prepared for an emergency? Installing high-quality locks might not always be enough. To lower the risks of becoming a burglars’ target, you need to analyze the gaps and problems in our home security.
Is it possible for burglars to see your valuables from the street? You should know that residential burglaries account for nearly 75% of all break-ins in the U.S.
A Security audit for home residents is designed to identify security risks and provide people with security tips that can help protect themselves, their families and their property. Scheduling a security audit would also greatly benefit the safety of your business property. Commercial facilities are usually larger than residential ones. Moreover, the number of people that visit them daily is much higher. These two factors are essential pros for at least considering a security audit.

A Home Security Audit. What To Expect

What is a home security audit? It’s a review of the full integrity of the security of the system that you presently have. This includes if and where your property has security breaches due to a partial or even total lack of security. It helps people identify what is wrong as well as what may go wrong. After the initial analysis we will suggest what can be done to resolve the problems or potential problems or prevent it entirely. The professional security audit consists of two parts. After the potential problems are detected, the specialist makes the adjustments necessary. These are basic and relatively affordable effective adjustments. Without this second step, the first one would be rather pointless.
The security audit checklist includes
  • Home security habits (locking up your doors and windows upon leaving). That’s the part that’s up to you. Checking whether everything is locked may be annoying, but it’s worthwhile. Locking a door before you leave is actually the point where security starts, it’s a cornerstone of the building’s safety. It may sound ridiculous, but a significant part of burglaries happens because the door was not locked.
  • Outside security (fences, lighting, trees and much more). This step and all the next ones are performed by professionals. The bigger your building and land are, the more work needs to be done.
locksmith makes a security audit
  • The Door system (which includes locks, door frames, strike plates, etc.). However, there are still some tips on maintaining your locks by yourself without using professional assistance.
  • Windows (basement, double-hung windows, french, etc.).
  • Garages (windows, interior door, garage door). Nearly 20% of all residential burglaries occur in garages, as many average residents keep valuables there.
locksmith makes a security audit

How To Add A Sense Of Security To Your Home

If your goal is to deter burglars from targeting your home, you’re in the right place. Criminals would rather not choose homes that restrict and complicate their access and criminal activities. Improving your property security with a security audit is certainly an intelligent decision. However, if due to some reason, financial or otherwise, you can’t go for it but still want to do something, don’t worry. Many things can be done even without a security audit. Sure Lock & Key is glad to provide you with the knowledge regarding some of them.
Here are some:
  • It is highly important to have home perimeter lighting. Intruders are less likely to target areas where they are easily observed.
  • Installing motion detector lights both inside and outside your home is a great idea. You can program your lights to switch on automatically when you are away, giving the impression that someone is home.
  • If you have trees and shrubs that block the view from the inside, think about trimming or removing them.
  • Make sure trees will not provide access to your upper floor windows.
  • If you can see valuables inside your home from the street, so can burglars. It’s better to have your windows equipped with blinds, curtains, or drapes and then use them appropriately. Check whether all perimeter doors provide protection.
  • All your entryways have to be secured. Don’t forget about basement windows if you have them. You may replace it with polycarbonate material.
  • Secure your garage, especially if it’s connected to your home. A garage door itself might be vulnerable, especially if it’s broken or malfunctions. Think about a smart garage door opener, which allows you to close and open the door remotely. The door that leads from the garage to your home can also be a weak point. In this case, consider installing a smart lock.
  • If you’re going to park your car outside, make sure the area is well-lit. Additional security can be provided by devices that allow you to start your vehicle from a safe distance.
By using these tips, you may significantly improve home security.

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Summing Up

Everyone wants their property to be as safe and secure as possible. Even our own company, Sure Lock & Key, which has provided locksmith and security services for over 35 years, constantly takes the time to audit our own facilities and vans. If you have been using the same building for a number of years, you should know that its security level doesn’t stay the same forever. Locks tend to wear down, accidents happen when you least expect them, mechanisms might break and, of course, we can’t forget about human factors. A security audit itself probably won’t resolve all your security issues. It is, however, a large step as part of a complex solution that is likely to substantially pay for itself over time.
change lock of interior door
change lock of interior door

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