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Making Your Property Safer

Sometimes people think that it’s pointless to make small improvements. Strengthening home or business security might seem an expensive and somewhat complex action. Remember the process does not have to be overbearing. If your goal is to protect your property, you can do it one step at a time. Security upgrades are just so important and the truth is even minor upgrades have a considerable effect in the short and long run. For example, getting yourself a high-security lock may be the most brilliant idea when it comes to your safety. Most pin-tumbler locks, master locks, etc., can be tampered with. This unfortunate feature may make your home attractive to perpetrators. Most professional thieves can recognize different lock types, so they know how well you are protected by only taking a quick look.

Let’s take a quick abridged lesson about what high-security locks are and whether you need them. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to give you a hand when challenging locksmith questions appear!

What Are High-Security Locks

This is a case when the name speaks for itself. High-security door locks provide people with better protection against intruders. They are more resistant to different destructive manipulations and a hastily off-site key duplication. An intruder will have a hard time trying to pass. If your home security strategy contains an alarm system, the police most likely will arrive quicker than the lock will surrender and that certainly a good thing.
If you’re still not sure that a high-security lock is a great investment, you will find more advantages below:
  • High-quality materials

    Manufacturers use metals that will withstand hard impact. That’s why security locks for doors are much heavier than others.

  • Pick and Drill resistant

    Burglars choose this method to access your home or office since it provides easy and quick access to the premises. Anti-drill plates and steel ball-bearings are used in drill-resistant locks to protect them from breaking. In other words, overcoming this type of lock is so complicated that it’s deemed not worth the time and effort for the potential intruder.

woman uses a door keypad
  • Bump-resistant

    Certain bump-proof locks are resistant to bumping, as their mechanisms don’t operate with pin tumblers or their pin stacks have additional components that minimize the risk of being bumped.

woman uses a door keypad

Security Door Locks

Keeping yourself and your belongings safe is of course extremely important. Smart door locks are among the most popular smart devices that people purchase. Having one of these locks, you won’t need to return home if you arrive at the destination point and suddenly remembered you may have forgotten to lock the door. You can lock and unlock your door via an app from anywhere in the world. Another advantage of these locks is that you can grant access to your home to visitors without physically unlocking the door or handing over a key. A few manipulations in the app and wahla. Your guests are inside, waiting for you in comfort.
If the lock has an access code panel, you can change this unique code as often as you need or set a time limit for codes. As a result, they will change automatically. With this type of lock it would be smart to evaluate the complete door security system because you're getting a whole new state of the art defensive, anti intruder system, not just a lock.

Window Security Locks

You may be wondering why window security locks are important. Well, simply put, burglars can easily break the window, but it isn’t in their best interest because the main goal is to break into your home without attracting attention and leaving traces. Intruders may gain access to your residence through a window. Usually, locks that come with windows may not be secure enough to keep criminals out of your home. That’s why it may be essential to invest in a security system. You can install security locks so that they will add extra security.
One more way is to install smart locks and get a chance to lock windows via the app wherever you are. If you don’t want to install locks on all your windows, you may do it in a few rooms like the basement and first-floor windows.
balcony door with keys
balcony door with keys

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Summing Up

So, are high-security locks so great? Are they worth your money? It all depends on your needs. If you are worried about a break-in, if you keep something of high value at home, or just want to get some additional security, then high-security door locks are for you! However, having only one high-security lock won’t resolve all your security issues your home might have, but it will be a great improvement to start with. Sure Lock & Key will gladly help to maximize your home security!

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