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Are Smart Locks Secure

Smart locks attract more and more people every day. No wonder the world is slowly giving up on classic locks. Who wouldn't want to open a door just by pressing a button? Who wouldn't want to be able to check to see if their entrance door is locked? However, generally speaking, are they worth it? Do smart locks really have so many advantages? Are they really cost effective? Let's take a quick look. Sure Lock & Key - has prepared their clients a useful guide and helper in the world of security in both the practical and theoretical spheres!

The Technology May Fail

Each of us experience technological failures from time to time. Sometimes in the form of our electricity, water, computer glitches, cell phone and internet reception issues, etc. While the unsuccessful uploading of a photo is not such a problem (you can always try to do it later), smart lock software failure can be a whole other issue.
Smart door locks's main perk is that they can be operated at a distance. However, its main danger is hidden within the function itself. You probably will have to return home immediately if something seems wrong when you get there you may find that it was just an app malfunction and your lock is actually fine. You would probably be very happy, at first, that there was no problem, but in after thought you realize your day's schedule has just taken a beating. Our point is to give you a heads up, so that before purchasing this type of lock, you should know that smart lock technology can fail. The chances are low but nevertheless real. But then again a standard lock technology could fail too. Also, it can be picked while a smart lock has protection from lock picking simply because there's no keyhole. After all is said and done, at least now you are well informed so that you can make a wiser decision.

Only One Lock Protection

Many people are fans of double-lock protection. Some even add chain locks. If you've decided to install a smart lock for your front door, you need to know that it will be impossible to use your additional safety locks. Depending on your particular safety environment, you may need to investigate and then decide whether a new innovative lock will provide more protection than the two classic locks.

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Can A Smart Lock Be Hacked

Advantages of having a smart door lock are pretty impressive. However, the fear of being hacked can quickly put the idea on hold. So, is it true that someone can hack your lock and intrude on your privacy? The answer is, yes. There is a possibility your entering code can be cracked. The adage of necessity is the mother of invention, applies to criminals as well. Please, don't start to panic though. We can say that bypassing an entering code is not so different from lockpicking, but this time you and the police will know about it immediately. Even though hacking is a huge problem, you can avoid this fate by getting a lock of high quality with more developed digital security protocols.
man tries to hack a smart lock
man tries to hack a smart lock

Smart Lock Prices

Smart locks for homes come in different price ranges. Typically, some cheap locks may be more about decoration than actual protection. If this is the case it would be better to spend your money on a regular lock system. If you're serious about modernizing your home security, you will have to invest more. Besides the lock itself, you will also probably need a technician to install and connect it to your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Getting a smart lock shouldn't be a spur of the moment thing but the result of thorough research and proper planning.

Power Supply Dependance

Smart locks are battery-operated items and unfortunately the battery will die someday. So, every smart lock owner must be aware of the state of the batteries and replace them on time. What will happen if the battery dies? Your lock won't work, and your home will be an easy target for anyone. Are you a person who checks these things regularly? Are you ready to spend some time purchasing and replacing them? These are questions you will have to answer before getting a smart lock.
smart lock on a metal door
smart lock on a metal door


Any attempt to secure your property should start with considering all the details. Sometimes a lack of information can lead to some unexpected and unhappy consequences in the future. That's why the first step of gathering all the facts is so crucial when it comes to Security matters. If we look carefully enough at every existing lock today, there will be a bunch of disadvantages to each of them. The battle between traditional and smart locks is pointless. No lock works perfectly, but there are locks that will work to your satisfaction, for your situation and meet your individual needs.

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