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Where is a good place to hide something in your car

We all know that leaving valuables or other important stuff in your car is not advised. Probably, all of us have seen these warning signs not to keep mobile phones, wallets or something else without supervision. Still, many people continue placing their stuff or forgetting them by accident in the most noticeable spots in the car. Most of us may think that robbery will “never happen to me”. However, relying only on good luck or the inattention of a thief is unreasonable. That's why, if you still decide to leave your stuff in your car, it is better to know some hidden spots in our vehicles that can make your valuables unnoticeable and hard to find for thieves.

Secret compartments

Your car is full of secret compartments you may not even be aware of. Thanks to them, you can make your laptop, phone or wallet invisible to the crooks if you can't take these items with you. To learn about these secret spots, you can read about them in your driver's manual. Yet, if there is no info about them, there are a few best places to hide something in your car we want to present you with.
  • Air vents are the most common and usable hiding spot among drivers. You can easily store your valuables behind the air vent grate, but the only complexity is to take it out without damaging the vent.
  • Hidden compartments near the passenger seat are also frequently used to make any important things invisible in the car. You can hide your stuff under the foot mat and lid in a special compartment. However, a hiding place like this is more typical in vans and SUVs.
  • The place of the extra wheel can also be a great spot to make your valuables inaccessible to thieves. To use this method, cover your stuff and ensure it is well-fixed so that it won't get dirty or damaged.
car hidden compartment
  • The side compartment in the trunk is another possible place to safely store your things in the car. Almost every car has special boot compartments for storing wheel tools or batteries. Still, you can use it to hide some important stuff so that it will be unnoticed by crooks.
car hidden compartment

Under the Seat

The space under the passenger seats is definitely one of the most popular places to hide some important things. We can explain it by no necessity of taking off some parts or disassembling them. Also, it allows you to hide bigger items because of the bigger area than, for example, behind the air vent grate. The space under the seat is also a great spot for storing your stuff. To see if this is a viable option, you should look right under it, which is possible only if you are in the car. You can also use the glove box to make your valuables unnoticeable to burglars. It will be a great addition if your glove box has the lock, so accessing your checkbook or purse will be even more complicated. However, there are still better stash spots in cars, which we considered below.
under seat hide spot
under seat hide spot

In the Center Console

The center console is another excellent option for hiding any valuables in the car. Most cars are equipped with a center console, so this method is available to nearly all drivers. Moreover, modern center consoles are bigger and more accommodating, so you can store even large-sized items if needed. In addition, some of them are supplied with locks, so you'll know that your stuff is even more protected. Just pay attention if the hidden stuff does not deform the center console, so it won't be noticeable that something is stored in it.

Disguise items as something else

Although this practice requires creativity and some time, this is an excellent way to disguise things in your car. To do this, you can use anything your imagination can only allow you. For example, you can use a pack from the cereals to hide keys, phones, wallets or other items. You can also use the groceries bags to mask laptops or tablets or even hide some small items in boxes with hygiene products. It is highly unlikely that thieves will try to break into your car to steal the grocery package or something like this.

Assess the risk

Anyway, keeping your valuables near you is the best and the most proven way to make them protected. That's why breaking the habit of leaving your stuff in the car or being more attentive and not forgetting them is the best solution to make your things safe. Also, if it is not necessary to take your tablet or laptop to your work or informal meeting, it is better to leave it at home. In addition, if you cannot avoid leaving your valuables in the car, it is advisable to park your car in well-lit areas or in range of CCTV cameras. Also, we advise taking care of car insurance to certify yourself in case of theft or break-in. In addition, if an unpleasant break-in has happened, you can always have a high-quality repair or replacement with Sure Lock & Key.

Summing up

Still, if you are a business owner and need to take your laptop anywhere, you go or if you are just a busy mom who frequently forgets your wallet because of the turbulent toddler, Sure Lock & Key is here to assist! Whether the request is - to improve your car's security or to repair the broken locks because of robbery - we will be glad to serve. Our company provides all types of automotive locksmith services, so give us a call and order the required service!

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