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What should you not leave in a car

Some things are better not to be left in the car. The temperature in a locked car can rise significantly, even for a short time, and reach extreme levels. Leaving children or pets inside is dangerous for their lives, as they can suffocate.

Some valuables can attract the attention of thieves, and you may become a victim of a car break-in. What about medicines or electronic devices? It would be good if you were careful with them as well. In order not to cause an unpleasant or even tragic situation, look through the list of things you shouldn't leave in your car and why.

Children and pets

Both children and pets are vulnerable to the outside world and need your care. Leaving them inside your car and going to the mall, for example, is one of the worst things you can do. When the weather is hot, the temperature inside can reach extreme levels in an hour, which may cause difficulties in breathing, suffocation and in the most extreme cases, even death.
In cold weather, the temperature can drop in the same way. Then both children and animals can get frostbite. Remember that a car can be a death trap for your loved ones, so don't leave them there.
dog locked in car
dog locked in car


Most medication should be stored at room temperature to maintain its effectiveness. Even if a rise or fall in temperature does not make them dangerous, it is better to take them with you. After all, you don't want to wonder why a headache pill that has always helped you is now ineffective.

Aerosol cans

If we pick up an aerosol can of deodorant, hairspray, or paint, we will immediately see recommendations for storing it within a certain temperature range. It is because cans can burst or even explode under pressure. No one wants a real "explosion" in their car, so it's worth creating conditions under which the temperature does not exceed the permissible limit. If this is not really in your control so make sure you keep any aerosol out of your automobile.

Wallet or purse

Leaving your wallet in the car in a visible place can bring unwanted attention from thieves. However, isn't a wallet something you should always have with you? It contains money, credit cards, and even documents. By stealing your wallet, a thief can access your personal information. To avoid that try to develop a habit of double-checking whether your wallet is on you any time you leave a car.


With the development of technology, we probably can't even imagine our lives without electronic devices. People carry phones, smartwatches, and laptops with them all the time. However, how safe is leaving them in the car when you park it and go on business? There are two risks. The first one is that many electronic devices do not tolerate heat. It can damage processors and batteries. Many phone manufacturers even warn buyers about the possible negative consequences of storing devices in a car.
The second is attracting the attention of thieves. Of course, if you were a thief, you would first pay attention to a car with a brand-new laptop in the back seat.
wallet and smartphone locked in car
wallet and smartphone locked in car

Summing Up

By using these few rules, you can prevent dangerous situations that may arise due to carelessness. You have already realized that leaving the items on this list in the car is strictly forbidden. However, what if you accidentally locked some of these things inside? We are confident that Sure Lock & Key will help you deal with this before the temperature in the car rises to a critical level.

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