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Does Car Insurance Cover Locksmith Services

Cars give us a great opportunity for independent trips. We can easily get from the “A” to the “B” point. However, sometimes we might face car failures and those related to locks and keys, unfortunately, can happen pretty often. The most common of them include a key stuck in the ignition, lost keys, a jammed lock, and even lockouts where the keys have been left inside the car. When these situations happen, the natural question arises “does my car insurance cover those locksmith services needed to rectify the situation?” These matters may seem insignificant when first acquiring car insurance, so many car owners may not know the answer until the issue happens. Long story short, whether your car insurance covers locksmith services or not depends on the type of auto policy that was chosen. What to do now…Read on if you would like to learn more on this topic.

Auto Insurance with Roadside Assistance Coverage

As a rule, standard car insurance doesn't cover automotive locksmith services unless you buy roadside assistance. This complex set of services includes not only lockouts and rekeying but also refueling, mechanical breakdown assistance, towing, battery jump-start, replacement of a flat tire, etc. Usually, roadside assistance cost varies from $5 to $100, so you may choose the one that suits your needs. The price depends on different factors. Learn more about what is included in a particular car insurance with roadside assistance before purchasing it, so there won't be surprises.
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Some insurers limit lockout costs or attempts to claim a technician they can cover. Sometimes lockouts may be limited to $50, so if the final cost per service is higher, you will have to pay it out of pocket. The wise decision in these cases would be to compare rates and choose the most suitable option for you.
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When can roadside assistance help

Roadside assistance normally includes many services, but let's focus on locksmith-related ones. Usually, almost every roadside assistance coverage includes rekeying and lockout services. Additional services may also contain jammed locks, stuck or broken keys in the ignition, faulty key fobs, etc. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check what are the specific requirements of each insurer. Some of them, for example, may reimburse you for the new key-cutting but won't pay for the locksmith coming to your place.

Pros and cons of getting roadside assistance coverage

Sometimes insurance providers may add roadside assistance to the policy only for those who purchase comprehensive and collision coverage. It's important to understand what you personally need most.
Let's see who needs roadside assistance. If you drive an older car, it will be a wise add-on to your insurance policy, as older vehicles tend to have mechanical troubles more often than new ones. However, let's suppose you own a car built no more than five years ago. In that case, you might already have roadside assistance coverage included in your manufacturer's warranty, so check it.
The second reason for purchasing roadside assistance might be the long distances you travel daily. If you spend a lot of time in your car, your job depends on its functionality, you go far from home very often, then getting roadside assistance would probably be an intelligent decision.
Last but not least, roadside assistance coverage is a perfect option if you know nothing about car repair and have no intention of learning the subject. In addition, it is very convenient as you can use the coverage for different types of emergencies, saving you potential high levels of stress and protecting you from having to incur additional expenses.
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However, consider that roadside assistance may not include all the necessary locksmith services for you. For example, not every car insurance with roadside assistance covers key retrieval if you accidentally get locked out of the car with the keys inside.
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What if you don't have roadside assistance

Still, there is plenty of opportunities. If you're an owner of a new car, the manufacturer warranty may already include many of the services. Second, some credit cards offer roadside assist ance coverage for their card owners as a present for customer loyalty. If you're a member of a motorist club, as a rule, the annual membership fee already includes roadside assistance coverage. You may also ask your cell phone operator if they provide that service because some of them do. Some states also have government-run roadside assistance programs funded by the state, which might benefit you. As you can see, there are plenty of options. However, the only pitfall is not having learned all the options in advance.

Summing up

When you find yourself stranded with the keys locked inside your vehicle, we suggest that you call your insurer. The auto policy may already include lockout service. If locksmith services aren't included, you can always turn to a reliable locksmith company. We at Sure Lock & Key will gladly provide you with quick and professional assistance at an affordable price.

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