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Car push start button: Pros And Cons

Today there is a wide range of push-button start cars. They're becoming more popular every year, being a convenient solution for drivers. You don't have to worry about carrying the key everywhere around you. However, you may wonder if this type of key is flawless. Why is it better than a traditional one? What about hidden inconveniences? Sure Lock & Key is ready to present you with some pros and cons of the ignition push button to answer these questions. Please, read ahead to learn if it's really worth using.

How do push-to-start systems work

Nowadays, everything is designed to save us from unnecessary hassle. One of these inventions is a car push-button start. There's no need to twist a physical key in the ignition of modern vehicles. Pushing the button is enough to start your vehicle. What is the secret? Push-button-start car systems differ depending on the model. However, they're similar in replacing the standard key with a key fob.
The fob is a transmitter that sends a low-frequency signal to the car to direct power to start the engine. It must always be inside the car for the computer system to allow a driver to start it.
car push start button
Push-to-start systems may be a great choice for people tired of traditional car keys or those who want to make the auto feel more high-tech.
car push start button

Advantages push-to-start in cars

All new technological forms have their pros and cons. Starting a car without a key isn't an exception. It has differences from a standard car key. However, you may be interested to know if it's really worth it. We've provided some arguments for and against push-button starters.
Let's start with the advantages.
  • The car recognizes the only signal from one fob, making stealing more difficult. It's hard for thieves to copy push-to-start keys. They require a unique code and authentication protocol with your car to start.
  • The technology allows a remote start for a car. It may be a wise way to warm up the car without leaving home.
  • It's impossible to lock your keys inside the car. The technology can detect if the key is inside the vehicle. Some systems can even start an alarm if you're leaving the fob inside.
push-to-start in car
  • Prevention of car accidents. Your car will stop once you put your foot on the brake.
  • Using a push start button is much easier than using a physical key.
push-to-start in car

Disadvantages of push-to-start in cars

Unfortunately, no technology is perfect. Push-to-start keys also have some disadvantages. Let's figure them out.
  • High price. A smart key car may be expensive for you to purchase and repair.
  • If a fob's battery dies, you will find it difficult to get inside and start your car.
  • This type of key is more delicate than traditional ones. Dings or drops are more likely to damage them.

Can you add a push button start to a car

Today many new cars come with a push-button start ignition. However, not all of them. Fortunately, there are a wide range of aftermarket push-starts kits if you want to upgrade an older auto. A push button start installation isn't a difficult or long process when you have the proper tools and carefully follow the instructions. However, if you're not sure you can complete it properly, using professional automotive locksmith services is always a wise solution. It may save you time and nerves, guaranteeing a quality installation.
Sure Lock & Key will be glad to assist you with any locksmith questions, regardless of time. If you have any, don't hesitate to call us!

Summing up

It might be difficult to keep up with all the innovations, but probably you won't refuse of simplified life either. A push-to-start system is a great invention you may find helpful.
Today Sure Lock & Key has told you the main advantages and disadvantages of a car push start button. We hope you'll find it useful when choosing between traditional keys and state-of-art ones.
Please don't hesitate to ask if you need more information or have any questions. Sure Lock & Key is always glad to assist you!

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