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10 Places To Hide A Spare Car Key

To hide a spare key in case of future loss or lockout is a wise idea, but it has one big flaw. Someone can find your key and get access to your car. So, it’s always up to you whether you’re ready for the risk or not.

Sure Lock & Key prepared for you a list of the newest and safest places to hide a car key and some beneficial advice on how to avoid the risk of theft. Just keep reading!

Before we start, we want to remember you that no matter what has happened to your original car key, you can always call for emergency locksmith services.

Best Places To Hide A Spare Car Key In The Car

First of all, to be able to hide a spare key somewhere, you need to have one. Here you can get a spare key. If you already have one, you probably have been wondering where to hide a spare key on the car. Here’s a list of the most suitable places for hiding.
  • Hitch receiver box
  • Tire well
  • Inside the gas tank flap
  • Behind the front license plate
  • Behind the bumper

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Tire Well

First of all, we want to mention one old but gold place where you can hide your key. The tire well is probably the place where your parents or even grandparents hide their keys. However, time passed and cars changed a lot and today it may be hard to find a place in the wheel to stash a key. In that case, using a little bit of imagination, you can create a place, some frame, or a small ledge where you can hide your spare key.

Behind The Front License Plate

Usually, the most obvious hiding place is the less predictable one. That’s why stashing your spare key behind your license plate is a pretty good idea. You even can purchase a special license plate hiding container (it also may be called a spare key hider) to make it neat. Choosing this method, you should take into consideration your front bumper and license plate holder shapes. As a rule, their depth is enough to put a key, but there may be exceptions. So, check and double-check if the key is truly safe behind your license plate.

Behind The Bumper

It is a common and widely known hiding place. So, you have to be really careful and inventive if you’ve decided that this is an appropriate key hiding spot. Usually, car owners use containers with magnets to hide the keys. But this hiding device will be pointless if your bumper is made of plastic or fiberglass. Also, before hiding your car key here, notice that bumpers are exposed to damage and often are covered in mud and dust.
Bumper of a red car
Bumper of a red car

Inside The Gas Tank Flap

If all the above mentioned places to hide a key outside your car aren’t suitable for you, you can try this one. This method is pretty similar to the previous one. Use duct tape to fasten the key safely and make sure that the flap is closing properly and the key is unnoticed.

Hitch Receiver Box

This is one of the safest and reliable ways to hide a spare key. But it suits only those who have a hitch attached to their car and room for the key inside it. Even though this hiding place is obvious, no one would be able to get the key since it’s a small vault.

Best Places To Hide A Spare Car Key In The House

You can hide a spare key outside a car, but you also can hide a key far beyond the car. Here you have a list of places in your house
  • Under the dog house
  • Under the deck
  • With a neighbor you trust
  • In the power meter box
  • In a dryer vent
now where did I leave spare key?
now where did I leave spare key?

In A Dryer Vent

Being hardly noticeable on the house exterior, a dryer vent is a great place to hide a key. You even can make a fake dryer vent and hide it behind a trash can or some yard furniture.

Under The Dog House

Yes, this is a hiding place only for dog owners. But if you’re able to hide a key there, you’re a lucky person. The dog won’t let someone else get it. Obviously, no one wants to try to get the car key under the dog house. Hiding it here, make sure that the dog can’t reach it as well.

With A Neighbor You Trust

To give your car key to a person, you can rely on is a widely known practice. But this method has some flows too. If the situation when you need your spare key happens while you’re at home, you don’t need your neighbor. But if it happened somewhere far from home, he might not be able to come and help. So, giving your spare key to someone, better choose the person who can help regardless of time and place.
Also, you can hide it in your neighbor’s yard in case the neighbor isn’t home when you need help. Even if someone finds it, nine out of ten times, this person will try to unlock your neighbor’s car, which is impossible. So, this approach is safe and harmless for both of you.
man putting key into pocket
man putting key into pocket

Inside The Power Meter Box

Usually, a power meter box is installed on the outside of the house. And it has a reputation of an object you don’t mess with. So, it is a really safe place for your spare key. Probably you would need to tape your key inside the box, so you need to be very careful not to damage electrical wireless.

Under The Deck

This method gives you a wide range of opportunities to hide your spare key anywhere beneath your house. But we recommend marking the exact place in the way only you know, so it would be easier to find it. You can hide it inside a box to protect it from rusting.

How To Decrease The Risk Of Theft By Hiding Your Car Key Outside The Car

There’s always a risk your car can be stolen. Hiding car keys indeed can increase the chances that someone might steal your car. But if after all you’ve decided to hide a key, there’s a sure way to make the theft more difficult and minimize the consequences. It would be best to hide a key that can only unlock or lock the car but can’t start it. Yes, if you left something precious inside the car, the thief probably would take it. But there’s another rule of safety you should always stick to - leaving your car, don’t forget to take all the precious assets with you.
man is trying to steal the car
man is trying to steal the car