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Why should you have a spare car key

Probably many of us have been in a situation when we, unfortunately, got locked out of our car I needed to wait for a locksmith to open it. When this happens your day is spoiled. Time and money are wasted, and your nerve cells are irretrievably shaken! This problem of lost car keys or vehicle lockouts are extremely common. If you haven't experienced that feeling, then you're a lucky person. However, most people only realize the importance of spare keys once they face trouble. Most emergency situations can be resolved if you have a duplicate of your auto key. To prove this, Sure Lock & Key compiled some reasons why extra vehicle keys are integral to every driver's life!

Please, keep reading to know more.

Save Your Time

Let's say it's one of those busy mornings we all hate the most. You probably have to get out quickly, drop the kids off at school, and still get to work on time. You approach the car and suddenly realize you've lost your keys. Sounds terrible, right? However, there's nothing to worry about if you have a spare car key.
Therefore the first advantage to investing in extra keys is saving time and great frustration! If you can't find your other vehicle key or it got damaged, you can still drive to where you need to without spoiling your daily schedule. It's also a wise solution while waiting for a key replacement, repair, etc.
spare keys in hand
As a result, the kids will show up to school on time, and you won't be late for work!
spare keys in hand

Gaining access to the car in case of locked out

Car lockout situations aren't something you can plan ahead! It's always about accidents. It takes just a minute to forget the keys in the car accidentally and shut the door! However, with a spare car key, you may simply unlock the vehicle to get your original one and continue on your way! It may give you less stress and save you a bunch of money, as you won't need to call a locksmith service for help!
So as part of life we recognize that accidents happen even to the best of us, and Sure Lock & Key is always ready to resolve any locksmith issue you might get! If you need professional assistance at the moment, please, don't hesitate to call us!

Security in case of key theft

If you know or suspect a thief has stolen your car key, having a spare one may simplify resolving this problem. It would be wise to get to the car and drive it to a safe place before a key thief comes back. That's when an extra key will be handy! Your next step may be calling a professional locksmith to cut a replacement key and delete the old one's data from the car's ECU.
Any way, by being proactive and acting ahead you won't let the thief overtake you!

Security in case of key breaks

We've already mentioned lockouts, but when a key breaks, it may also cause problems, stress, and panic. On the one hand, it's natural that your car key breaks. It occurs to even the most well-crafted ones. On the other one, this process isn't absolutely accidental. The service life of your vehicle key depends on your user habits. Your keys and locks get worn over time eventually. By having a spare car key, you make your life easier, as you can use it immediately if the old one breaks or malfunctions.
We strongly recommend not waiting until an accident strikes but making your car key duplicate as soon as possible.

Replacement convenience

There are many reasons which may cause a car key replacement. Some are minor, and some are severe, like lost or broken keys. These situations make the duplication process difficult. Your locksmith will have to disassemble your ignition or use other complicated methods to cut you a replacement. It's problematic, expensive, and hard. That's why having a spare car key is a reasonable and prudent way to avoid hassle and extra cost.

Summing Up

So, having a spare car key is beneficial, even if you don't require one at the moment. We've presented you with many of the scenarios as to why you would need extra keys in order to show you the reasons they might come in handy when you least expect them! We hope our little guide was useful to you! However, it may be challenging to keep track of everything, and you might get into trouble at any time. If this should occur, Sure Lock & Key is always available to assist you with any locksmith questions! If unfortunately the situation arises please give us a call!

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