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A Tampered With Lock

Did you ever arrive back home and get the feeling that something is wrong? Do you have suspicions that your home lock has been tampered with? Ok, let’s figure everything out! Sure Lock & Key prepared a list of common signs that someone has tried to invade your home.

Let’s learn what to look for to resolve the issue quickly and avoid further consequences. If you suspect a break-in, stop and take precaution. First make sure that no one is there that shouldn't be. After you have made sure that your safety is secured we suggest that you take a quick look at the following tips that we have prepared for you regarding what you can do to ensure your safety.

Signs That Your Lock Has Been Tampered With

There is a little system that you may use to find out whether someone has tried to tamper with your lock or not. It consists of three simple questions. If the answer is “yes” to at least one of them, your suspicions probably aren’t groundless and you may need to go for professional assistance. If the answer is “yes” to two or all of them, you most likely might need a new lock.
Does the door look bent or warped? Do you see small paint circles’ present, which would have been caused by moving the locking fixture? Or maybe there is some obvious lock damage due to drilling? These are all signs that someone has tried to invade your home using brute force. More apparent damages like dents or nicks might mean the lock was bumped, as hammering can cause more damage to the lock.
Your lock does not function as it should? If your key doesn’t turn properly in the keyhole even where there are no visible signs of damage, this is one more indicator the door lock has been tampered with. It is also possible that your lock is simply worn-out. Either way the wisest option would seem to be to check it anyway.
locksmith changes a door lock
Do you see scratch marks around the keyhole? Usually, scratch marks mean that the lock has been tampered with. Intruders typically use small tools such as screwdrivers or pins to turn the lock and rake the pin tumblers. In this way, the lock will open without a key and this movement creates small marks.
locksmith changes a door lock

How To Act In Situations With Tampered Locks

Let’s imagine the situation where you’re coming home and you see something similar to what is described above. What would you do? This situation is pretty scary, however, it can happen to anyone. Actually, because it happens all the time, even to the best of us, we have come up with a list of following steps that will help to minimize the consequences.
Firstly, call 911 to report the incident if you see someone inside your home or you simply deduce that a burglar is or was there. Once your safety is secured, check if something was stolen, and inform your neighbors about the break-in. The next step is to find a professional and reliable locksmith to make your home safe again. Sure Lock & Key locksmiths are experienced, highly trained and licensed and will surely be happy to help any Locksmith or Security matter. Our reliable locksmiths can repair your lock quickly due to our leading edge tools and equipment.

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Home Security System

Now that you know where to look and what to search for when you think your lock has been tampered with, you may need some tips on maximizing your safety. According to research, there are 2.5 million burglaries annually in the United States, moreover half of these being home invasions. So we highly recommend improving your home safety. Start by reinforcing entryway doors and upgrading the locks. Please make a point of checking and repairing them from time to time, as well. One more way to reinforce entryways is to install deadbolt locks.
Another logical consideration would be to install motion-sensitive lighting and setting up a timer on your indoor lights. This way, it will always look like somebody is home. Most burglars don’t want to break in when someone is home, so they likely will go away.
You can also think about a home security system as a smart next step option. Research shows that the number of robberies decreases with the increasing number of home security systems. It is possible to install a full system or just some individual devices.
A home security system may consist of
  • Security camera
  • Siren
  • Entry sensor
  • Motions sensors
  • Glass break sensor
  • Keypad
  • Key fob
  • Panic button
  • Base station
  • Smoke and CO detectors
monitoring house with security system
You don’t just get a security system but also you get a chance to monitor the temperature and other threats such as smoke, fire, or water damage. So it is definitely worth serious consideration if you feel you can afford it. Some think it’s a worthy purchase even though it may be out of your present price range,
Devices are connected to the Internet, so it’s possible to check out what is happening at home via an app remotely. You can find many benefits of home security system installation below if you still have questions regarding their installation.
If you decide you’d like to obtain more information regarding securing your home, call us, Sure Lock & Key. Our professional and licensed locksmiths will be very happy to help you with all your security-related issues.
  • Property protection
  • Deterrent to burglars
  • Remotely controlled system
  • Lowers insurance
  • Energy savings
monitoring house with security system


Any intrusion or even an attempt of intrusion is outrageous. Unfortunately, we can’t stop it or make it totally impossible or even pointless for the burglar but at least for now we can minimize the possibility of intrusion itself by equipping your home with home security systems, CCTV cameras, smart locks, etc. And, of course, we can minimize the consequences in case the intrusion has taken place.

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