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What to Consider Before Duplicating Your Office Keys

Each of us, at least once, has forgotten or lost our keys somewhere. Therefore, creating a duplicate to resolve this problem is quite reasonable. However, if we are discussing duplicating office keys, this is a completely different matter. After all, for business owners, the security of their facility is crucial. No one would want the keys to their office to end up in the wrong hands. Yet, sometimes you cannot do without duplicating keys. For example, the old key was lost. Or when your staff is growing and you need to give keys to new employees. So how do you make duplication safe? Sure Lock & Key is ready and happy to answer all of your questions, dispel your doubts and tell you everything there’s to know about commercial key duplication.

Can I Make a Copy of a Key that Says Do Not Duplicate

If you've ever seen a key with the signature "do not duplicate" stamped on it, you've probably wondered how serious this inscription is and what restrictions it imposes. The bottom line is that a key with this engraving is no more secure than one without. That is, the inscription on the key cannot ensure that someone will not duplicate it.
After all, it is worth understanding that the inscription "do not duplicate" on the key has no legal force, and therefore copies of that key can be obtained as easily as a key without an inscription. So why do they continue to produce office keys with the engraving "do not duplicate"? This is mostly done to ensure control over current and terminated employees, former tenants and others. In this way, business owners want to prevent duplicate key making and limit access to their office. And this is understandable because the security of your business is very important. Therefore, this practice may well improve your corporation's no-key-duplication policy.
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However, it is still worth remembering that such keys only give a false sense of security. After all, The Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) states that keys marked "do not engrave" can be duplicated just like any other key. Therefore, if you want to protect your office, you need to either create a patented key system or choose another way to limit the duplication of your office keys.
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How Do You Know If You Can Copy a Key

If you need to make duplicate keys, a locksmith company will most likely be able to help you with this. However, there are still several types of keys that locksmiths may refuse to create duplicates of. Therefore, if you have a question about which keys can be duplicated, we have listed these types of keys below.
  • Car keys. Although most modern car models require a brand new key, you can easily get a key made by a locksmith according to your car’s make, model and year.
  • Safe keys. You can duplicate all types of unique safe keys. The only disadvantage is that sometimes it takes quite a long time to make these copies, which depends on the type of key.
  • Yale keys. Standard and small keys that can be duplicated at any locksmith company in a short time.
  • Chubb keys. A slightly larger key with its own design. It takes a bit more time to make a copy of this type of key, but this service is also available at any locksmith company.
  • Padlock keys. The vast majority of padlock keys are Yale keys. Therefore, creating a duplicate for these locks will not create any difficulties, even if it is necessary to duplicate a key of a different type.
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Therefore, if you need to make a copy of a certain key, you may contact any locksmith company and get your key in a short time. Sure Lock & Key provides a wide range of key duplicating services and will complete your order at the highest level. Therefore, if you need a high-quality key copy, you can always find detailed information in the emergency locksmith services section or give us a call, and we will solve your problem immediately.
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What Keys Can You Not Copy

However, some keys are prohibited from duplicating at the legal level. These keys are called "restricted" because of the limited right to make copies, which belongs only to the original manufacturer. This type of key is protected by US patent law, which can result in a $10,000 fine for illegal duplication.
In addition, "restricted" keys are somewhat more difficult to duplicate from a technical point of view. Creating a copy of this key requires the use of special tools, as well as permission to make duplicate keys. Therefore, if you want to really protect your office, then this solution is the most rational.

Can you copy an already copied key

If you are interested in whether you should make a duplicate from an already copied key, then the answer is quite ambiguous. If you have lost your original key and you need to make a duplicate, then, of course, you can get a copy of the key made of the duplicate. However, it is worth paying attention that the more copies are made, the lower the quality of this key will be. That is, the key of the third generation will be lower in quality than the key copied from the original, and so on. All because even the most modern devices cannot perfectly reproduce the same shapes on the copied key as on the original. Therefore, with each duplication, the quality of the key will be lower, and you will have to make a lot of effort to open the lock with a key like this. In addition, over time, this can cause the failure of the lock's mechanism, and as a result, a replacement will be required. Therefore, we do not recommend getting carried away with duplicating keys and, if possible, considering rekeying or other ways of solving the problem.

Summing Up

There are times when duplication is the easiest way to solve a problem. However, there are some restrictions and safety tips that should be followed. Therefore, if you need a recommendation or service for duplicating your keys, Sure Lock & Key specialists will be glad to assist you! We have 35 years of experience and provide all types of emergency services – from jamming ignition repair to key making. So call us and get quality locksmith services

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