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Bent Car Key Duplication

How can one bend the key? That’s a strange question because no one deliberately would do such a thing. But accidents happen all the time, and somehow car keys get bent. Usually, people bend them in a hurry, or when due to the lock or ignition issues they can’t turn it. Sometimes people use their key as an improvised tool for opening tins, trying to dislodge something from a narrow space, etc. In any case, this is not a tragedy, a professional locksmith can easily help you. Sure Lock & Key provides car key duplication of bent keys very often, so we know how to solve such a problem really quickly. Still don’t believe us that this is real? Then you should read this blog post till the end, and you will see how easy it is for the professionals!

Is Your Key Damaged Badly?

Let’s diagnose the issue. How badly is your key bent? Just a little bit? Really severely? It looks more like a banana now? Even if it is rather circular now (which we doubt), a skilled locksmith will be able to “read” the marks and cut you a new key. There can be situations where the key is damaged so badly, there’s no possibility to duplicate it. But don’t worry. It’s really a very rare case. Car keys are designed to be rather durable. Also, Sure Lock & Key has been providing locksmith services for more than 35 years, and we have had only a few such cases. And we managed to duplicate all of them. So, everything is possible with a professional automotive locksmith.
Another method to cut a key is to use its code or the car's VIN number. Provide a locksmith with all the needed information and wait for a little. We use a key cutting machine to replace your bent key. This machine decodes the information about how the needed key has to look, its exact pattern and then bites off a key blank to match it. This process requires a lot of attention and locksmith assistance. At some point, we have to change the future key position.
damaged car lock
damaged car lock

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A Short Guide For People Who Found Their Car Key Bent

What is your first thought when you see a bent car key? We bet you want to try and straighten it. But it’s an awful idea. Let’s check what you can do and what you shouldn't.
Please don’t try to straighten a bent car key using vise-grips or any other tool. There are almost no chances you will manage to do it, but the chances it may crack and break are high.
Instead, you can try to insert it into your front door lock just to check whether it will go all the way. If the key is visibly bent, skip this step.
Try to open a car lock using your key. If it doesn’t turn, don’t force it. You don’t want to break the key inside the lock.
If you’ve managed to unlock the car with the bent key, try to gently insert it into the ignition. All of these actions should be taken carefully. Even if it somehow works, visit your locksmith on your way to your destination.
professional key duplication
professional key duplication

What Can Affect Car Key Duplication?

Car key duplication is one of our most requested services. Car key breakage or loss happens all the time, that’s why we developed a perfect working system to be really quick and helpful. However, there still are some factors that can slow down the duplication itself.
Your car’s make, model, and year
Naturally, different cars have different keys. Before starting the cutting process, a locksmith has to be perfectly sure that all the information is correct. Otherwise, you will get a brand new key, but it won’t work with your car.
Your key type
There are lots of different car key types. Car manufacturers tend to create their unique keys to provide their customers with the highest level of security. If you can’t provide a locksmith with all the information about your car key, it would take some time to figure it out. So, it never hurts to learn a little about your car. It would be your homage to its faithful service. But in any case, you will get your new key in the end. Also, a locksmith can get you an original key, if the duplication is not your solution.
As you can see, a bent car key isn’t unsolvable. All you need is a good locksmith, and you will get your new key asap. If you still didn’t find your perfect locksmith technician, check our guide on how to get the best locksmith.

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