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Why Can’t I Get My Key Duplicated

Key duplication is easy and quick and definitely among the most requested locksmith services. We know it for sure because we have been cutting new keys for more than 35 years. However, there are some unusual situations where things are not so clear and getting a new key may be challenging. There are many different types of keys and some of them actually can’t be duplicated. Let’s check what might go wrong and how it can be fixed. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to give you a hand and make complicated things about locksmithing begin to look easier!

Do Not Duplicate Keys

Keys with the “do not duplicate” label raise many questions. Can I duplicate this key? Is it pointless to ask a locksmith to make a copy of this key? Or maybe it’s even illegal to ask a locksmith to duplicate this key? Sometimes, people may consider getting a new lock because they think it would be easier than bothering with a key that forbids duplication. If you purchased a premise and got a set of keys with “do not duplicate” stamped on each of them, don’t worry. Key duplication is still more accessible than it may seem. The “do not duplicate” label means that the original owner wants, or has wanted, to cease the unauthorized key duplication. It also means that these keys don’t increase security since there’s no special mechanism to make the duplication impossible except for the warning on the label, which obviously might not be enough. The sense of security they may give you is not supported by any means. It may be an excellent try to at least decrease the unwanted duplication, but it’s clearly not something you can rely on.
Chain hardware stores are most likely going to refuse to copy a key with this label, but a locksmith will be able to help after you prove that you’re the owner. However, whether it is worth dismissing the restriction is up to you.

Restricted Keys

Sometimes people refer to all the keys that can’t be duplicated as restricted ones. However, that’s not the right approach. The US patent laws regulate actual restricted keys duplication. The duplication rights belong to the original manufacturer. A licensed and reputable locksmith will refuse to help you in this situation due to the significant fines for a law violation.
Sometimes people might find a shortcut and choose an uncertified locksmith to get a new key. However, these keys usually are protected not only by law. They are a lot harder to duplicate due to the patent-protected locking mechanism. If a person has never worked with it before, the chances of getting it right are pretty low, while the chances of breaking the whole lock are pretty high. So you have to think hard about whether it'd be worth the try.
Unlike the label “do not duplicate,” restricted keys are likely to give a real sense of security. They may be an excellent option for business owners who try to keep track of duplicated keys.
plastic keys duplicate
plastic keys duplicate

Rare Keys Duplication

Unusual key duplication raises many questions as well. People may think that finding a locksmith who can help with, for example, yale keys or chubb keys duplication might be a whole complicated adventure. However, that’s not true. These are standard keys, even though they are rare. A skilled locksmith will be happy to provide you with a key copy since there are no law restrictions and fines for their duplication.

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Summing Up

One of the most important points we want to accentuate to our customers is that it’s okay to ask. Each time you have a locksmith-related question, feel free to call Sure Lock & Key and find out for sure what you need to do. The thing is that every case is unique and, naturally, you need to get answers before you make a decision.
If you think that you happen to be an unlucky owner of a key that can’t be duplicated, call us and we will see what we can do.
key with fire
key with fire

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