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Key Duplication

We like to see people’s faces when we tell them that we can make a new key without a key, so there’s no need to change the whole lock. Making a key without a current one can sound like something from sci-fi movies, but it’s a common service we provide quite often. To be precise, there are a few methods a locksmith can use to make a new key. And each of them requires skills, knowledge, experience, and special tools. So let’s figure out how a professional locksmith can provide you with the new key when you’ve lost the last one! And remember, Sure Lock & Key is always here whether you need a new key or information!

Cutting The Key By Code

Among all the possible methods to make a new key without an original one, this way is definitely the easiest one. All the keys are supposed to have a serial number stamped somewhere on them or mentioned in the lock’s manual. This number contains all the information a locksmith needs to produce a new key. But usually, people throw away the manual once a lock is installed and never pay attention to what is on their keys. That’s not a very responsible approach. Please, save the manual until you use a lock. It would be even better if you become familiar with this information, so in case of emergency, you would be able to provide a technician with all the details asap. After the locksmith gets a key, the cutting can be started. Now a key cutting machine and an appropriate key blank come into play, and your new key will be made within minutes.
old keys in a white lock
However, you should know that not all the keys have this code stamped on them, and only a licensed locksmith has access to such a source of information. So, you should choose your locksmith wisely. You can check our guide on how to find the best locksmith to find someone reliable and skilled.
old keys in a white lock

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Impression The Lock

This method is more complicated than the previous one. If the key cutting machine requires only appropriate information, impressioning requires lots of skills and accuracy. To be able to use this method correctly, a locksmith has to spend hours training and practicing. The first step is to choose the right key blank which is impossible without appropriate knowledge as well. Only after sharpening its edges, a locksmith can insert it into the lock. That’s the point where carefulness and precision are obligatory. Gently twisting a key blank, the technician marks the key blank where the lock’s pins are. The next step requires precision and knowledge as well. Now the locksmith has to interpret the marks correctly and make a key.
Please, don’t try this method by yourself because it also demands knowledge of safety issues to avoid hand injuries.

Disassemble The Lock

If the previous two ways were unsuccessful or a locksmith couldn’t apply them due to some reason, disassembling the lock is the last chance. Naturally, this method demands exceptional skills and lots of experience. The locksmith has to disassemble the whole lock without damaging it. The lock’s internal mechanism is a gentle construction with lots of little elements. When the tech has access, the examination starts. After all the information is gathered, a new key can be made.
There are a huge bunch of situations where you may need to make a new key. A professional locksmith can handle it easily even if you don’t have an available key. But you can try to ease this process, hasten it, or avoid it at all. You can hide a spare key somewhere outside, so in case of emergency, you will be able to enter your home or car quickly and without trouble. You can choose the best place from our list of top 10 places to hide a spare key, or create your own.
repair a doorknob
repair a doorknob

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