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What is rekeying and when do you need it

The first place to start when increasing your home’s security is with the most basic of all parts. Your door locks. That is, making sure all of your door locks are completely functional, the way they were meant to be. If you find they can’t be brought up to that level, the next step is to change your locks. The next question is who to use for the job? There are many locksmith services and you need to know which to choose. You also need to know what the options are. Well, the options in almost all scenarios is Rekeying or Lock Replacing. So you ask, what is rekeying and lock replacing? What is the difference between these two services? Our work ethic at Sure Lock & Key is to always inform our clients of their options and what that exactly entails. This will afford you the ability to understand and then make the best educated decisions, as quickly as possible!

What Is Rekeying A Lock

Rekeying is the process of providing a lock with a new key and making your lock uniquely match your new key. A locksmith must alternate the lock mechanism, so your old key will no longer open it. In the United States, most home and business locks use pins or tumblers, called pin tumbler locks. In other words, when we rekey locks, it simply means that we change the pin tumbler inside the lock’s cylinder.
There are situations where you’re not sure your home is in danger but don’t want to risk it. Then rekeying is your perfect solution, quick and cheap. So, when will a locksmith recommend you to rekey your lock?
  • When you buy a new home, you don’t want to change the old owner’s locks! Rekeying the lock is a great way to make your home safe and secure quickly and economically.
  • When your key gets lost or stolen (rekeying is a cheaper and faster option than replacing the whole lock).
  • When your home has several locks with different keys, you can rekey your locks, and they all will match the same key (but all the locks must be made by the same manufacturer).
  • When you want to keep the lock because of its appearance, because it’s vintage, etc.
  • When a roommate or companion moves out.
  • When your key has been in the hands of housekeeping or construction teams.
keys in metalic interior door
Some experts recommend rekeying your locks every few years.
Important! Rekeying is not failproof. Your lock can be worn out or broken. In such a situation, you should replace the lock with a cracked locking mechanism first.
keys in metalic interior door

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Is It Cheaper To Rekey Or Replace Locks

Sometimes the price is the main reason people choose one service over the other. When you’re struggling to decide it would be better to just rekey your locks or replace them, you need to know that the level of security you get in the end is, after all, the same.
So, what is cheaper: rekeying or replacing? This question is a very popular one! Yes, rekeying is always much more affordable than getting your locks changed.
Many people think that rekeying and replacing locks are the same services, but rekeying doesn’t mean replacing. Instead of buying new locks for your home and having them installed, you just need to buy and have a professional locksmith company change a few pins.

Can A Locksmith Rekey A Lock, Or Can I Do It Myself

You can rekey a lock by yourself if you like new challenges because you would need to learn a lot of new information and apply it as well as having to purchase a rekey kit. To be honest, you should trust lock rekeying to a skilled technician to save money and time. Rekeying is a common task for a locksmith. Sure Lock & Key is a professional company with 35 years of experience in the industry, so our team of residential technicians are not only skilled but also highly experienced. They are on call 24 hours a day, throughout the year, with the express goal of helping and assisting you with all types of lock rekeying solutions. Call us if you have any questions!
new door lock with keys
new door lock with keys

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