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What security system works with google home

Modernizing your property and making life more secure is a great idea. Have you ever thought about a smart house? If “yes,” we have good news for you about one of the greatest applications, which can help optimize your home. Thousands of scientists and developers work daily to provide comforts that make our everyday lives easier. After the initial excitement when new revolutionary or semi revolutionary items are new and the price is high. Things settle down to an affordable place so consumers can take part in these new discoveries that add ease and pleasure to their lives. Sure Lock & Key is proud to be a part of this Industry as it helps make your life better. We focus not only on providing professional residential, automotive, commercial locksmith and security services but also on giving people the information they need. This blog will tell you about one of the most helpful apps that may totally change your lifestyle. Let’s take a quick look.

How do I set up Google Home security

First, we must tell you what Google Home is and what it can do. It is a device that helps you make hands-free calls, make basic household adjustments, stream media, create or modify itineraries and schedules, control your garage door, and answer questions. It can also be used to secure your home. It is called Google Home.
Ok, you do research and decide you want to buy and install Google Home. So, now it has to be installed. Scary, not really. In fact it’s quite easy. First install the “Nest”, a google home security device consisting of a couple of sensors and a central device. First put the primary device somewhere and download the app. Then pair the device with a phone and put another sensor on the door and anywhere you want. If you are not living alone – you can add more people to connect to the Google system.
Google’s security camera however is not a part of “Nest”, and you therefore need to buy it separately.

Can a Google home device detect intruders

Google Home wasn’t designed as a security device but working with other devices, it can provide a certain level of security. The “Nest Detector” can spot intruders.
Motion sensors and cameras can not only detect that something is wrong but also provide you with footage of what exactly is wrong. Pet owners can be calm. These sensors are pet friendly and you won’t get a notification whenever your cat or dog moves across your house.
Google home is a relatively easy DIY system, but installing the cameras might still be challenging. You might face problems finding the right spot to cover as much space as possible. It also might be quite an issue to install everything without spoiling the interior. That’s why using professional security services may be a wise decision.
smart security camera
smart security camera

Can someone hack your Google Home

Can a home security system be hacked? That’s a common question for those who consider getting one. Honestly, every home security system is not secured against skilled hackers. However, manufacturers do their best to protect users from any hack attacks by constantly improving their systems and developing new data protection methods. Two main ways to hack the system are via Wi-Fi router and phishing. To be sure your Nest device is not vulnerable to either of them, you may do the following steps.
  • You can disable the UPnP protocol in the advanced settings of your Wi-Fi router. Try contacting your internet service provider if you are unsure how to do this.
  • Never tell a password to your security system, even if you get a message like “error, please write your password to reload a system.” If you do it – hackers will get a password.
  • Make sure your WiFi is password protected. Don’t choose something that is easy to guess and change the default password as soon as you have started using your router.
  • You can set up your Google Home to respond to your configured voices.
  • Authenticate purchases and payments.
Applications for smart security systems
  • Don’t be afraid of wasting time on internet security. It is almost always time wisely spent.
Applications for smart security systems

Are smart security systems better than key locks

Difficult to say what is better. Each one has its pros and cons and you’re the only one who can decide what is best. We can only share our experience and thoughts to help you make the decision.
One of the biggest pros of having a lock is that it requires less attention. There’s no need to check on batteries, connection, etc. A traditional lock is something that doesn’t require new knowledge because everything is clear. Google assistant security system or any other security device for home is a good investment in personal security with optimization for a more comfortable lifestyle. This type of security system allows for peace of mind, no matter where you are.
The truth is you may choose not to use smart locks and instead use a regular lock by itself or together with a good security system. The newer smart locks are the trend because it makes your house more comfortable to live in. One can also argue that use of an innovative house system with a smart locking system has a greater edge on maximum security. If, however, you don’t trust modern locks – you can always stay with the traditional lock and key system. Isn’t it wonderful to have a choice.

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Summing up

Modern home security is truly impressive. The level of protection you can easily get is fantastic. If, of course, everything is installed correctly.
The decision to protect your home, your family and assets is always the goal. However, the idea itself may require a bit of third-party help to work to your advantage. Many modern home security systems are designed to be easily installed and used, but a certain level of knowledge is still required. If you have no time to learn every detail or if you simply don’t like the idea of spending your evenings considering, choosing and comparing, call us. Providing locksmith and security services for more than 35 years, we have already done all of that. So now we can successfully give our customers what they want - quick, easy and without fuss.

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