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Can Anybody Hack My Security System

We’re accustomed to checking and double-checking everything. Security systems were designed to reduce it to the minimum, but what if someone can even hack them? Let’s discuss when you should worry about your home security system and what you can do to make it more secure. Sure Lock & Key is always here for you to dispel your doubts and make you feel secure.

Is It Possible To Hack A Home Security System

Generally speaking, it is possible. However, it’s too early to panic because the chances that somebody will try to hack your home security system are very low. A professionally installed system is as durable as it is possible. So why do we hear all these terrifying stories about burglars who managed to break in regardless of highly advanced home security systems? Are they so skilled that no home security system can endure? Not particularly. The thing is that badly installed systems can be vulnerable to being hacked due to different reasons. We’re going to speak about them in detail.
man monitoring cctv cameras
man monitoring cctv cameras

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Which Weak Spots A Home Security System Can Have

Being a technically advanced device with lots of parts, a home security system is vulnerable to being hacked because of different reasons. All of them are of different nature and all of them require professional help. So, why is it possible that such a system can be hacked?
A weak password
If your home security system doesn’t have a complicated and unique password, it’s more likely that it can be hacked. Unfortunately, people tend to use short passwords because of a lack of time. And lots of people use one password for all the devices and accounts which puts all of them in high danger. Creating a password, don’t use your or your beloved ones’ birth dates, names, etc. Make your password unpredictable. You can check if it’s secure enough using special tools on the Internet.
Data breach
Data breaches are unlikable but still possible. We know lots of cases when hackers broke different systems to get the customers’ credentials. Even the biggest companies can experience such trouble. How could we know that your security company can be a victim of such a break-in? We couldn’t. But constant vigilance is the key. So get yourself a two-steps authentication without delay. Don’t make it easier for hackers and burglars to hack your home security system.
Only one-step authentication
Even if you’ve created the most complicated password ever (and you still remember it), you can’t be completely safe without two-steps authentication. Actually, a two-steps authentication is a great thing for all your accounts and devices. Use it where possible. Once you implement this, every time you try to get access, you will have to enter not only a password but also an additional passcode sent to your phone. Another great thing is biometric authentication. No one except you will be able to get access. Facial or fingerprint recognition systems aren’t easy to fool.
Bad encryption
Your data can be easy to steal if the company that provides you with the security services doesn't pay enough attention to the encryption. The trouble is that the data is accessible for the user and the receiver without any extra measure. Since the customer can’t change anything about encryption, it would be perfect to choose the company that uses end-to-end encryption. How can you find out whether your company uses it? Just ask before hiring. They are obliged to provide you with all the information you require.
Lost devices with access
All our lives are in our phones, and when we lose them the price may be too high. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a strong password, two-step authentication, or facial or fingerprint recognition.

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Is It Easy To Hack A Home Security System

When we say “to hack something” we mean gaining access to different computer systems to block it or get the users’ data. No one can give you a clear answer whether it’s easy or not. It depends on at least two factors. Your system durability or vulnerability to break is the most important of them. The company that provides security services has to pay constant attention to its product, improve it, test it to find weak spots, and fix them. Also, whether it’s easy to hack some system depends on the hacker who tries to. It can be a beginner or some skilled intruder. So, you never can tell.
outside cctv camera
outside cctv camera

How Does Hacking Work

Intruders have different ways of hacking. We’re going to describe the most popular ones, so you will know what to be afraid of.
This is the most common way of hacking. Naturally, it is so popular because it’s easy. Asking people for their usernames and passwords using phishing emails, intruders get access to their accounts without special efforts. Being inattentive and trusting, people provide all the information just to get rid of new emails. Such a letter consists of a link to the fake website where you have to put your username and login. If you’ve just spotted such an email, try to contact your security company and ask if everything is wrong. It’s good to let them know that someone tries to get their customers’ data, so they can warn people.
Brute-force attacks
Applying such a hacking method, the hacker tries to guess a user’s password. It requires lots of persistence. Usually, it is fruitless, and fewer and fewer hackers use this method. Modern security systems deny access after certain tries to enter the password. Also, the real owner of the account will know that someone is trying to log in almost immediately. Any suspicious activity won’t stay unspotted.
A man-in-the-middle (a monster-in-the-middle) attack
Applying such a method, an intruder gets the data by becoming a part of the conversation between the customer and the company. Pretending to be one of them, a hacker intercepts the communication to collect all the needed information. It works in two directions. A hacker pretends to be a certain user to get the needed information from the company and pretends to be a company’s employee to get the needed information from the user. That’s where we need secret questions to check with whom we speak and should we trust this person or not. Every time you get a call from your security company from an unknown phone number, check whether it’s really your company. Call them using a usual phone number, a number mentioned on their website, in your contract, etc.

How To Figure Out That Someone Tries To Hack Your Security System

Some wake-up calls might mean that someone tries to hack your home security system. Spotting at least one of them, you should call your security company without delay.
First of all, if you can hear some strange and unknown noise coming from your cameras or their LED lights behave uncontrollably, you should be on high alert. These events may happen at the same time or separately, but in any case, you should check whether everything is alright and the system is working correctly.
Also, pay extra attention to your home security system if your password suddenly ceases to work and you haven’t changed it. Some systems notify users about every access. If you’ve just gotten such notification about authorization but it wasn’t you, take the necessary steps.
controlling of security system
controlling of security system

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