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Car Key Vs Key Fob

Today, cars aren’t only a means of transportation, to go from one place to another. In a way you can say it’s a lot about independence, comfort, and freedom. In fact, each new invention enhancement seems to accentuate those feelings.

Over the years, with vehicles becoming an essential part of our lives, car theft has also become a huge problem in the United States. Thieves have become high tech in their self-education and have turned themselves into masters of their field. They have improved their knowledge to a level of cutting edge in using the newest techniques to enter your car. So we have to be wiser by always being one step ahead. Statistics show that making our cars as safe as possible is a priority and a necessity today.

In this blog, we will learn the difference between a car key and a car key fob. We will help guide you in understanding the necessary from the unnecessary. So stay with us as we concisely take you through it.

What Is A Key Fob

Car owners used simple metal keys to lock and unlock their cars in the past. It was not the best way to secure the car but it was all there was. These days, such keys are replaced by more secure keys, transponder chips, and remote control key fobs.
A key fob is a small electronic device with buttons that make car usage much more convenient and you can even say, it is a lot more fun. Keyless entry systems use key fobs for locking and unlocking doors from a distance. Besides being extremely convenient especially when your hands are full when you need to lock and unlock the doors. A key fob is also used to control a car’s trunk and windows. Some Fobs allow you to start the engine remotely and even allow you to activate a panic alarm, should if ever become necessary. A key fobs receiver and transmitter are synchronized so nobody else’s key fob will work with your car. This is because remote keyless entry systems will only allow access with the specific fob.
man gives a key fob to another man
This relatively new locking system has become the best security method for cars, as it offers high-level security against thieves.
man gives a key fob to another man

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Pros And Cons Of A Key Fob

Key fob offers a lot of convenience for its user. You can lock or unlock the car just by pressing a button. All you need to do is have a key fob with you, and the car will know when you are nearby. Another advantage is that the car will automatically lock itself after you have walked a certain distance away. However, if the key fob doesn’t work, the car owner can use the metal car key that sits inside the fob, as a backup method, to lock or unlock the vehicle this will also prevent the alarm from sounding.
Each key fob has its own unique code, so the hazard of theft is low giving a strong sense of security to the car owner.
Key fobs need to be programmed so if you need to replace a key fob you must use a professional locksmith. Of course, Sure Lock & Key has the relevant knowledge and experience to help you.

Pros And Cons Of A Car Key

The benefit of a car key is that it is simple and relatively reliable. The key is made of durable material. With proper care, it will last for years. One more benefit is that there are no batteries to replace.
They certainly are not as convenient as key fobs. You need to lock or unlock the door manually. It is especially uncomfortable in cold weather or when you are in a rush. Also, the lock and key can deteriorate over time. The biggest difference is security. When leaving one's car most people will lock their car but will not check to see if all the doors and windows as well as the trunk are shut. This is because it’s a real big inconvenience. However, with a key fob one quick use of the button, on the key fob and everything is closed.
key in the ignition
key in the ignition

Servicing A Key Fob And A Car Key

Your key fob or car key can break or get damaged due to regular use or improper handling. In such cases, it is important to replace or reprogram them immediately. We suggest that you hire only professional locksmiths, as they have the proper equipment to do it all at the highest level of quality that you need. All Sure Lock & Key employees are licensed and registered. So that each one can be trusted with your very sensitive personal car information. Give us a call. We are available 24 hours a day throughout the year.

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