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How do home security cameras work

The main reason for using a security camera is to see what’s happening inside your facility and prevent a potential break-in. Whether it’s an office, a house, or an apartment, you have to place all cameras right where they need to be and ensure that all of them work correctly. These are only two of the many details about home or office security cameras. Of course, you can search for the information on your own and try to do everything without someone’s help. However, we can offer you a better option. We want to provide you with a quick yet complete guide on how these cameras work. Sure Lock & Key is happy to assist you anytime a locksmith-related issue or need is ahead of you!

Why do you need security cameras for your home

Today it's hard to imagine a home security system without a camera. You may have smart locks on each door, glass break sensors on your windows and motion sensors everywhere. However, the system might not be complete without cameras. They allow you to close the gaps and have eyes almost everywhere. If someone is anywhere in your private domain, hidden security cameras in the house help you identify the possible intruder. If you have records, it will be easier for the police to catch the criminal. Moreover, many a time, the cameras are enough to scare the burglar away. That’s why fake security cameras are popular. Not every thief is ready to take the risk of being easily detected. In addition, it causes the potential thief to think one step ahead and say to themselves if the owners have cameras, what other security devices might they have installed? The uncertainty produced in the minds of the burglar may in fact work to scare them away.

What area do you want to cover?

Unfortunately, when getting security cameras for private houses, people do not always plan where to place them for maximum benefit. Analyzing your property features and your security needs is truly an educated decision. Improvisation might be ineffective or even dangerous. Every house has a different construction.
The front door is a place where you need to start. If your main entrance is not covered, the criminal might use it to get inside. With the camera pointed at your front door, you will see who enters your house and who leaves.
Another wise location to place a security camera inside the house is your garage. It could be the weakest spot security wise within your whole property. Having a camera placed in that part of your house or office, will afford you the opportunity of keeping an eye on this entrance area.
If you have floor-to-ceiling windows, you may also need to cover these as well. They are charming and make your house look modern and stylish, but they are considered to be a place of potential break-in .
Controls security cameras with tablet
Installing CCTV cameras inside your house, remember that you may need to leave a room or area without cameras. To place a camera in your kitchen or living room is common practice. Cameras are usually put in places where people usually spend most of their time.
Controls security cameras with tablet

Best types of security cameras for the house

Like any other device, CCTV cameras for house security may be of several types. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For starters, you may look at your home's current conditions like lightning, clarity, audio support and other factors. In most cases, technicians recommend placing cameras 8-10 feet over the ground. Again, the optimal place depends on the house features, but you may look for a better angle to cover blind areas.
There are two main camera types - bullet cameras and dome cameras. The first type is probably the most popular. They have an iconic easy-to-recognize style. However, hiding them from the strangers’ eyes while using their purpose to the maximum might be problematic. These cameras are easy to detect, therefore, they could become an easy target for vandals. Moreover, when installed inside the house, they might spoil your home interior with their aggressive look. We suggest bullet camera installation for commercial property. Dome cameras are much better at this point because they have a higher resistance level and they are unnoticed, which is good for external and internal use.
It's just the tip of the iceberg, as getting hidden security cameras for the house may not be as easy as it would seem.

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Summing up

Being an irreplaceable part of a home security system, CCTV cameras for house security may resolve several problems and prevent you from potential troubles if everything is done properly. If you’re unsure where to start, where to put cameras, or how many of them you need for your house, you’re welcome to call us. With over 35 years of experience in the Locksmith and Security industry, Sure Lock & Key is an educated choice for your security needs!
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interior security camera

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