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How To Choose Locks For Double Door

Double doors are a great way to create an open, bright space in your home while allowing privacy. However, these doors might have some weak points in terms of security. So, choosing reliable locks for double doors is essential. If you want to know what locks would be the best for your double doors, our article will help you figure that out. Sure Lock & Key is always more than happy to provide you with the information to help you make the most educated decision and hopefully be secure in it!

To Determine Your Door Type

Doors create privacy, define room boundaries, reduce noise, and add beauty and style. When it comes to interior doors, they come in a variety of materials and styles, making them easy to match or add to the decor of your home. We will look at several types of doors for your home, so you can understand what to expect.
When it comes to the front door, there are several types to choose from. While you may purchase a unique front door with sidelights and transoms, nothing compares to the majestic joy of choosing a bi-fold door to enter your home. With double doors, the two-door leaves come together in the middle of the entrance when closed.
The double doors can be exterior or interior. Exterior double doors, by design, must be much thicker than interior doors. While interior double doors are subject to much less wear and tear, exterior doors require an extra thick core, usually wood, to protect against heat and cold.
exteriror double door
  • Barn Doors

    Barn doors are some of the most popular modern interior doors. A barn door is essentially a door leaf that runs along a rail. Because the door does not swing open, it is ideal for small spaces. However, the opening should be pretty wide so that there is enough room for the rail and the door to open.

  • French Doors

    Unbeatable, elegant French doors are a statement. They are double doors consisting mainly of glass panels. Both doors open inward and can be opened together or independently. French doors are usually used as exterior doors because they give rooms a lot of extra light. However, you may need to take some supplemental steps to provide additional security to your french door.

  • Dutch Doors

    A Dutch door is the type of exterior door often chosen for front doors. They are split in half, so the top and bottom work independently. Dutch doors are ideal for a kitchen to let air in or a patio to let pets or children out.

  • Sliding Doors

    Unlike traditional doors, sliding doors move along a track, sliding horizontally to open. There are several different types of sliding doors to choose from, including sliding barn doors or sliding glass doors.

exteriror double door

How Secure Are Double Doors

Double front doors are more or less just as secure as traditional single doors. Since the opening is in the center, is it easier for burglars to kick one of the doors and break in?
Suppose your door is installed professionally, made of the right materials and the double door lock mechanism is of great quality. In that case, they are just as secure, even maybe more secure than a single door.
No matter what material you choose, a door is only as good as the locking system installed on it and of course the quality of its installation. In addition to the standard locks that come with the door, you may consider triple lock systems or even smart locks that can be unlocked with a smartphone. These are good options for those homeowners who are concerned about the security and reliability of their double front doors.

How Double Door Lock Works

If you're not sure how double doors work, we can help you solve the mystery. Double doors can have several configurations depending on their purpose.
As a rule, for interior double doors each side can be opened without affecting the other side. This configuration is often used for closet doors or other situations where you don't plan to install locking hardware. When you buy interior double doors, they come with an opening at the top of each door. It is designed for ball lock hardware. With this hardware, double doors stay closed even when the main lock is open. To install this hardware, it would be wise to call for residential locksmith services.
Classic french door
When choosing a lock for interior double doors, you need to decide if you want the doors to lock or not. If yes, you'll need to choose between locking systems that lock only from the inside or a set of handles with a key that can be locked from both the inside and outside. If not, you may just use fixed or twisted handles. If you want to install a lock on your interior double doors. You will also need to decide which side you prefer.
The door you want to open first will determine the direction of travel - right or left. Once you've decided on the direction, you'll need to install a T-shaped trim piece, called astral molding, on the outside of the opposite door, or the one that will be "fixed." This trim element serves to provide privacy by bridging the space between the doors. It also provides security by helping prevent people from accessing the lock through the gap in the door.
Classic french door

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Summing up

Double front doors not only look good but also improve the reliability as well as the aesthetics of your home. The extra space makes double front doors seem more open and inviting to visitors. Opening both doors creates a wide space that makes bringing furniture and other items into your home much easier. However, all of these things would be doubtful benefits without proper locks. We know it might be hard to understand everything about locking mechanisms or how different types of doors work. So, if you’re still unsure which lock will be the best, we encourage you to contact Sure Lock & Key for more information on the best locks for double doors.

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