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How to secure your windows from burglars

Like all people, a thief will likely prefer a door to enter your home because it’s less suspicious. You may not think twice upon seeing a person who opens a door, but someone hanging around a window might look strange. So don't be fooled, an unsecured window can certainly be a potential entry point for unwanted guests. Understanding this will lead you to consider window protection on the same level as door entry point protection . Logically the easier it might be for the burglar to break into your house the more he is likely to use that potential even if entering a window is much more conspicuous. Security requires an integrated approach. Forgetting or neglecting one aspect of it, weakens the whole security plan. So, let’s see what you can do to make your windows as reliable as possible. Sure Lock & Key is always happy to help when it comes to your security!

Types of windows and how to secure them

You're lucky because on the path of researching the different types of Windows you will find that there are only a limited number of them to choose from.
In this article we are going to talk about the most popular residential windows, so you won’t have to wade through a great deal of information. Let’s look closely at four types of windows to understand their pros and cons and how to protect each of them.

Horizontal sliding windows

These are practical and very comfortable windows. There are two types to choose from: single-slider and double-slider. It's much easier for the owners to clean the outside from the inside, that's why it’s a great choice for the second floor and beyond. On the other hand, many owners claim that these windows are less energy-efficient than hinged ones. Note also that if dirt gets inside the sliding channel, the closing and opening become very problematic so don't forget to clean it occasionally to stay away from frustration well prolonging your window’s life.
Sliding locks are optimal for protecting sliding windows. You can put the lock on a panel to the lower track and fix it with the key. Every time you try to move the sliding board, it will stop because of the lock. Don't forget to keep the keys somewhere safe but easy to reach. You may want to use our tips for carrying your keys efficiently.

Hung windows

Another option for those who enjoy sliding constructions. Single-hung and double-hung windows look similar while closed, but double-hung windows could open by an inside vertical folding. The main difference between these two options is that double-hang windows are more expensive but they are a bit safer, especially for families with babies or pets. You can latch the bottom window and open the top one, so there won't be any unpredictable accidents. The best way to secure these windows is to install vinyl locks (one for single-hung and two for double-hung windows).

Casement windows

They swing open by rotating a hand-crack at the bottom of the construction. A significant advantage of these windows is that you can provide excellent ventilation in the room by opening the entire window. The weak point of this construction is the crank. After hundreds of openings and closing, it could become a casualty of wear and tear. Which means eventually you will need to repair it. You can install a lock with a handle to secure this type of window. You can also install the handle on the lower side of the frame and turn it to open the window.

Picture windows

These windows provide you with a complete view of the outdoors. They do not open, so they don't provide ventilation. However, they have a small benefit - improved energy efficiency. A window bar would be good to protect this kind of window as it covers the whole construction.

Are casement windows more secure than sliders

In order to choose the best window for a home, let’s take a look at one of the most popular types - casement windows. The common opinion is that they are more secure than sliders.
You may get locks for both of these windows. It could be a swivel action lock, window pin lock, or folding latches. The last ones are more likely used in casement windows as they are placed on the frame. When you close the window, you can fold them down to lock the window. To open the window, pull the latch up.
Sliders allow you to choose the space size you want to leave open. You can easily regulate fresh air flow and they are also considered more durable than casement windows. However, when it comes to security, their protection level is deficient and hence weak. It means that you would be advised to look for additional security. It could be a window alarm or sensors that inform you about intruders.
opening casement window
opening casement window

Are window security bars effective

Security window bars are probably the first thing that may appear in people’s minds when they decide to protect their homes. These constructions could become a disadvantage for those who deeply care about aesthetics. However, we are talking exclusively about security-related questions, and the bars in most circumstances, make an intruder's life harder. Of course, a thief could bring a jigsaw or another tool to break bars on windows, but you can prevent it as well by using other security devices. Complex home security systems are important because they allow users to spot intruders and take preventive measures. CCTV cameras, sensors, or other devices might scare away intruders along with their plans to break in.

Secure your windows with a home security system

If you want to increase security for windows, it may be better to use several options and combine them. Bars and locks are effective, but they could also be broken by intruders.
To make your home a castle, you might install a home security system. With several sensors, cameras, and other devices. With this system you can be aware of and also control everything that happens inside your yard and inside your house. Alarms for windows have additional sensors that let you know when the window is opened. You will be able to check the cameras or call the police. If you are not sure that you will be able to install everything yourself, it would be wise to call for professional security services.
closed window with kid`s hand
closed window with kid`s hand

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Summing up

Window protection is as important as any other part of your home. As we already mentioned, only an integrated approach may guarantee you, your loved ones and your valuables the security you all deserve. We understand that normally you don’t deal with windows. That’s why we created this small guide with explanations and suggestions for the protection of the different window types.
Be safe and happy!

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