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The latest advancements in home safe technology

Without any doubt, security is one of the most important points for any homeowner. Anyone would want to feel calm and relaxed in their own house. However, to provide that feeling, solid doors and functional locks might not be enough. More and more people today choose to combine them with home security technology. There are actually so many options out on the market you can choose from. You can equip your building with various sensors, alarms, cameras, locks that are controlled remotely and much more.

Today, we want to discuss in more detail the latest advancements in home security and their benefits.

Smart lighting systems

One of the first advancements in home security we want to mention is smart lighting systems. As we all know, one of the few things that burglars are most scared of is proper lighting, as it'll make it easier to notice them.
First of all, this system can be connected to your smartphone through an app, so you can control the lights remotely. You can set them to turn on at a certain time, for example. It can be really helpful if you're away but want to make it seem like someone is in the house. Plus, most of these systems are equipped with motion detectors and they'll get activated automatically.

Sensor technology

The usage of sensors increased a lot recently. The majority of the latest home security systems are equipped with motion sensors that detect any suspicious activity or movement.
Moreover, you can install various sensors inside your house that'll protect you not only from criminals but some other external threats as well. For example, you can purchase smoke detectors or sensors that will notify you about gas leakage. Also, you can use them for your own comfort to regulate the temperature inside your house.

Smart locks

Smart locks are at the peak of popularity right now. They're widely used for both commercial and residential properties. What makes them so desirable for homeowners?
The biggest advantage of smart door locks is the fact that they can be controlled remotely. They're fully electronic and require no key. You connect this lock to a special application on your phone and can operate it from anywhere. For example, if you forget whether you locked the door, all you have to do is check your phone and lock it by pressing a button. These locks are way more convenient and durable than regular mechanical ones.
Smart lock on wood door
Smart lock on wood door

Security cameras

One of the technological devices that have been out for quite a while is security cameras. Many households have had them for years. However, in the last few years, there have been some advancements and developments with these devices. Today, you can get completely wireless home security cameras that are more compact and easy to install. Most cameras are equipped with motion sensors and can be connected to a notification system in your phone. Anytime something suspicious happens, you'll be alerted. Moreover, you can use your phone to monitor your property from anywhere at any time.
In case you're thinking about installing cameras in your house, consider using professional security services.
outdoor security camera
outdoor security camera

Window sensors

Other devices that can enhance your home security are window sensors. You might not know this, but quite often, criminals use windows instead of doors to get inside your house. It's really important to protect all the windows that can be easily accessed. Any time someone tries to open your window from the outside or break it, you'll be notified right away.

Smart doorbells

Another security trend that has been rising in popularity recently is the usage of smart doorbells. This device can offer you many benefits. First of all, it'll allow you to communicate with your visitors without opening the door. These doorbells are equipped with a camera that is connected to your smartphone, so you can always monitor your entry point. Also, with the help of this device, you can control the delivery of your packages.


Thanks to the appearance of so many different smart home devices, their integration became possible. Today, you can combine various devices and connect them to one another. You can connect your voice control to the lighting system or your sensors to the speaker, etc.

Artificial intelligence

One of the biggest booms in the technology industry is the development of artificial intelligence. In the last few years, it has been engaged in the security industry as well. Many people today use voice assistants to control other electronic security devices, for example. Plus, you can program them to notify you about any security threats.

Voice control

Last but definitely not least security advancement we want to mention is voice control. Probably, all of us can agree that there are times when we're too lazy or tired to get up and turn some devices on or off. However, with the appearance of voice control functions, our lives have become much easier. It's actually really convenient and requires less time and energy.

Summing up

We can all agree that the appearance of technological advances in the security industry has definitely impacted home security in the best way possible. With the help of all these devices, it's much easier to enhance the protection level of your building. Moreover, most of these modern devices can be connected to your smartphone, so you can operate them from anywhere at any time.
If you still have any questions or need any security services, Sure Lock & Key is always ready to help!

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