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How to open a door lock without a key in 5 seconds with these 6 effective ways

Key loss is probably one of the most common locksmith issues to exist. As a company with years of experience, we deal with it on a daily basis.

Usually, we notice that our key is missing only when we're already in front of our locked door. In most cases, situations like that occur at the most inconvenient times. When we're really in a rush and need to resolve the issue immediately. However, not all people are aware of different ways to unlock the door without a key. Actually, it's possible to do that with the help of some things that are at hand. Today, we want to present you with 6 effective ways to unlock the door in case you don't have a key.

How to open a locked door using a bobby pin

One of the simplest tricks that probably all of you are familiar with is using a bobby pin to unlock the door. Keep in mind that this option is suitable for basic tumbler locks that are equipped with pins.
To perform this operation, find two thin pins that you can easily bend. First of all, remove the round tips that are on the ends of the bobby pins. Then straighten one of them and shape the second one into an “L.” Insert your unbent bobby pin into the lock and try to find the first pin inside. After you find one, take your L-shaped pin, insert it into the lock and try to lift the first binding pin. Repeat this process until all the pins get aligned and you'll be able to rotate your lock and open the door.

How to unlock a door without a key using a screwdriver

If you happen to have a screwdriver somewhere in your car or garage, for example, you can also use it to unlock the door. To make this method work, you have to insert a screwdriver into the space between the frame and the door itself, where the handle is. Try turning it anti-clockwise and then clockwise until you hear a clicking sound. If your try turns out to be successful, the door will open.
Also, you can use a screwdriver to open an interior door lock. For example, if a door equipped with a thumb-turn lock accidentally slams and you want to open it from the outside, you can use a screwdriver to turn it.
screwdriver for unlock a door
screwdriver for unlock a door

How to open a door lock without a key using a knife

A knife is one of the tools that you might happen to have somewhere nearby in case an emergency with your lock occurs. You can even borrow one from your neighbor if there's an issue with your house door lock. How can you apply it?
In order to open the door, you'll need to insert the knife between the door and the jamb and slide it through. Try applying some pressure at the door when doing it. However, if you do it with too much force, there's a risk of damaging the lock. If you're not 100% sure you can do it carefully, consider using professional residential locksmith services to unlock your door.

How to open a locked door using a credit card

You probably have seen people using a credit card trick to unlock the door in the movies at least once. This method is pretty much the same as the one with a knife we described above. Most people carry credit cards with them, so this option might be the most realistic one. Basically, all you have to do is slide your credit card through the gap between the door and frame, where the jamb is, in order to unlock it.

Lock picking

You can also try using various lock-picking tools and techniques. In order to complete this process correctly, you need to learn a lot of information about lock picking. You'll need to purchase special equipment as well. In general, you have to practice a lot and develop professional skills in order to open your lock with a pick and not damage it.
If you're not really sure you can do it yourself, it's always better to use the assistance of a skilled technician.
Lock picking
Lock picking

Remove the hinges

Another way to get inside your house if your door is locked and you don't have a key is to remove the hinges. For that purpose, you can use the screwdriver to get all the bolts out and take your door off the hinges. However, this way is kind of the last measure in case all the other methods don't work out for you.

Summing up

A lost or forgotten key is not the end of the world. There are several methods to unlock your door, even if you don't have a key. You can use pins, credit cards, knives, etc. However, all these methods still require certain skills and knowledge.
If you're not really confident in what you're doing, you can always ask a professional for help. Sure Lock & Key will gladly assist you with that.

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