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How To Turn Your Old Smart Phone into a Home Security Camera!

All of us probably have some old phones that we don’t use anymore. However, there’s a way to give that phone a second life. Most smartphones are equipped with decent cameras. So, why not transform it into a security device? This option is extremely cost effective if you can’t afford to buy a professional security system, So, let’s go through the steps of how to turn an old smartphone into a home security camera!

How can I use my old smartphone as a security camera

If there are other family members who have unused old phones you can also turn their phones into a DIY home security system. Please note that if only one smartphone is available, you need to be especially careful when choosing a place.
Before using your old cell phone as a security camera, you need to decide on the best installation spot. You can place the camera facing your front door, and that way you’ll see everyone who enters your home. Another good location is somewhere in the hallway or around the staircase. Potential criminals would have to walk through these areas to reach other rooms in your house. You can also place the camera in your living room or kitchen. Those are the rooms that are most frequently used by other people. Also, consider putting one in your yard so that you’ll see any suspicious activity around your property. However, it's important for the phone to be water-resistant or it won't last too long. Another place to consider installing one is in your garage, because some criminals choose it as an entry point to your house as usually, the garage door is not as securely locked as the front door of the house.
After you choose the best location for your camera, it’s time to turn your phone into a security device. You’ll need to find a special app and download it for that purpose. There are dozens of different options depending on the phone’s operating system. After that, you’ll need to connect it to the phone you’re using now so that you can monitor what’s going on remotely. When you complete that process, you’ll need to mount your new phone security camera in the chosen spot. You can also use phone holders that drivers use in their cars and mount them on the wall. Or, you can put your phone on a tripod and place it on a surface in the area you want to monitor. Don’t forget to leave some space for the charger.
application to monitor
application to monitor

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The best app to turn an old phone into a security camera

As we have already mentioned, you’ll need a special app to be able to use your phone as a security camera. Just turning your usual camera on won't work. So, the question is, which is the best and most reliable phone security camera app? Let’s look at some of the most popular ones.
  • Alfred: It’s suitable for both Android and IOS. This app allows you to monitor everything in real-time. Also, it saves the footage and you can rewatch it. If you purchase the premium version, it’ll allow you to zoom and record long videos.
  • Manything: Also available for IOS and Android. It’s user friendly and offers many features. It has motion detection and auto-recording. Also, you can control it remotely and watch the live video. However, some functions become available only when you go premium.
  • Perch: This app is only available for Android. It has motion detectors and you can view the live video. Also, this app has a video recording function.
  • Athome: This app has one big advantage over many others, because it has a night vision feature. You’ll get a good-quality image, even if there’s not enough light.
  • Presence: First of all, it provides real-time video. Also, when it detects motion, it sends a notification to your phone. In addition, this app allows you to communicate with your family members who are inside the house.

Can I use my phone camera without a SIM card

When you stop using your old phone and buy a new one, you usually insert the SIM card into your brand-new phone. Perhaps you are wondering if using it as a phone security camera is possible without this card. Our answer is – “Yes!” Your smartphone can function perfectly without a SIM card. The only thing you won’t be able to do is to call anyone. However, without a SIM card, mobile internet doesn’t work. So, you’ll need to connect it to Wi-Fi to function as a security camera. With a stable Wi-Fi connection, you have nothing to worry about. The security app and the camera will both work without any problem.
smart phone
However, if you’re not sure a phone security camera is a good option for you and you want something more reliable, you can always use professional security services. They’ll help you choose a more advanced security system and assist you with the installation process.
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Summing up

Providing your home with security is essential. However, we understand that not everyone can afford expensive professional security systems. Most of us have old smartphones that we don’t use, so, instead of spending thousands on security camera systems, you can turn your old phone into one. It won’t provide you with all the features that professional surveillance cameras have, but it’s still an amazing and cost-effective solution.
If you’re looking for ways to ensure your home's safety, you can always contact a professional locksmith company. Sure Lock & Key will gladly help you with that. Just give us a call!

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