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What are burglars most afraid of

Do you know that fearless robbers can be scared too? The things that scare them are ace in the hole for us!

Unfortunately, we watch the increase in break-ins level every year. It takes an enormous financial and emotional toll. The question of protection is one of the top priorities today. However, it doesn't mean you have to turn your house into a castle to deter burglars. Sure Lock & Key gathered the most effective tips to scare criminals away.

Please, read ahead to know what things burglars are afraid of the most.

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras may be a wise and affordable choice if you're looking for a reliable way to protect your house. People used to think security cameras were only for businesses, the government, and the police. That's not true, though. With the help of the CCTV system, you may greatly reduce the chances of your home being attacked. You can monitor your property from anywhere to capture the thief's face and record it for later investigation. This way, you can control the situation at home even when you are far away.
CCTV Surveillance camera capturing thief
CCTV Surveillance camera capturing thief

Alarm systems

The main thieves' trump is going unnoticed and acting quietly. They hate attention! It's a prime reason to install an alarm system. Its siren would deter burglars. Also, it may be an excellent method to arouse the attention of your neighbors when you're far from the house. Keep in mind that a burglar would always be more likely to choose a home without a security system for a crime rather than a protected one.
Choosing and installing a reliable alarm on your own might be challenging. Therefore Sure Lock & Key is always happy to assist you with any locksmith question.
home alarm system
home alarm system

Outside lights

Burglars prefer to operate at night when getting into your house to remain invisible. An intelligent way to cope with this may be to set up outdoor lights. It will mix a thief up and signal you or your neighbor that something is happening. There are three main options to choose from
  1. Buy outside sensor lights that only turn on when they detect motion.
  2. Install solar security lights. They charge up during the day from the sun and get brighter at night.
  3. Leave your outdoor lights turned on to keep criminals away from your home.
Whatever you pick, don't let the robbers remain unnoticed.

Barking dog

Another thing that can make burglars think twice before breaking in is a barking dog. All dogs are loud and attract attention. No thief wants to deal with this type of inconvenience on their way.
However, if you don't have a dog or don't want to get one, a barking dog alarm is a great option. It's an alarm device that imitates angry barking when it detects motion. A burglar will run away without realizing there is no dog behind the door!

Security signs and stickers

After you've installed one or more of these security devices, you might add stickers and signs indicating that you have done so. Do they keep burglars away for real? May they even become detrimental?
Let's figure out their pros and cons.
Arguments for buying
  • They show your home is protected. It's unlikely that a robber will risk checking their authenticity.
  • You may use them even without a security system. It's a risk, but usually, burglars avoid marked houses, looking for an easier target.
  • The easiest way to secure your home is just to leave the light on. Probably it isn't the cheapest option, but very effective.
  • Video surveillance sticker
    Reasons not to buy it
  • Security stickers tell thieves the type of protection you have.
  • Using fake stickers, you risk.
  • However, this protection can't replace a professional security system but on the other hand can really deter thieves. Whether to use it or not must be a researched, well calculated and personal decision. We have presented most of the pros and con's to help you arrive at the most logical decision for you and your family.
    Video surveillance sticker

    Summing up

    We figured out that burglars are not fearless. They are afraid of many things you can use to make your home as safe as possible. You may install CCTY cameras and alarm systems or use your outdoor lights and security stickers. We hope you find our easy tips on deterring burglars helpful. If you have any questions or need professional assistance, don't hesitate to call us. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to resolve any locksmith issues.

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