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What is a motion sensor

All of us want to feel safe and secure when we’re at home or work. It’s advisable to provide your property with the best security possible to achieve that. Today, there are various devices out on the market you can choose from. We want to focus on one of them in particular. Motion sensors or motion detectors are an integral part of any security system. Sure Lock & Key knows everything about this device and wants to share our knowledge with you.

As you can suggest from the name, these sensors are designed to detect any movement and transmit the information about it to the control panel. Then it’ll inform the security company or you through an app on your smartphone.

Why do I need a motion detector

Unfortunately, the risk of a house break-in is quite high today. Doors and locks are not enough to stop criminals from breaking in. So, what are the other ways to secure your home? One of the best ways to provide your house with a high level of security is a full-scale home security system. Today, you have the opportunity to choose between various types of security systems with different features. However, there are some basic, integral elements all of them are equipped with.
First of all, security cameras are an essential part of any security system. They perform the role of additional eyes, as they allow you to control your property remotely with the help of your smartphone. It’s not a secret that security cameras are a strong criminal deterrent as well because intruders’ biggest fear is getting noticed.
Another extremely important component of a security system is a motion sensor for homes. Quite often, these sensors are connected to the cameras. Any time they detect a person moving or any other suspicious activity, they send a signal to the control panel. Basically, motion detectors activate your security system. Without them, it would’ve been practically impossible to track any invasion attempts. It’s safe to say that they are one of the most important parts of a security system. So, consider installing them at your main entry points and all of the common areas.
smart home controlling
smart home controlling

Types of Motion Detectors

As we already mentioned, motion sensors are used to detect movement around your property and alert you about intruders. Now let’s discuss the most widely used types of motion sensors.
  • Active ultrasonic sensors produce ultrasonic waves that humans can’t hear. Their principle of work is pretty simple. When an object is in its way, no matter what size or material it is, the waves will bounce off. With most of these sensors, you can define the distance at which they’ll be triggered. Most of the motion sensors installed at your entry points or windows are directly connected to the alarm. If the sensor gets triggered, it will set the alarm off.
  • house motion detector
  • Passive infrared sensors are another popular type of motion detector. These sensors are more advanced and their work principle differs from the previous ones. These sensors emit infrared waves which detect heat. So, basically, when intruders enter their field of action, these sensors detect their temperature. It gets triggered by it and activates your alarm system. You can check the cameras to see what caused the movement and inform the police if needed.
  • Both options are great, so it’s more of a matter of preference to decide which one to use. However, no matter which one you choose, it’s essential to perform the installation properly. For that purpose, you may use professional security services. Experienced technicians will help you define where it’s better to install motion sensors and assist you with the installation process.
    house motion detector

    Choosing a Motion Detector

    We’ve already discussed the features of a home security system and what it can offer. We figured out how motion detectors work and why we need them. However, choosing the best motion sensors for your home might be quite complicated because of the number of options available. So, let’s look at some factors you might need to consider.
    • If you’re buying all the security system parts separately, ensure that your motion sensors are compatible with your system. Otherwise, they won’t function properly.
    • Define the level of sensitivity you’d like your sensors to have. It’s important to decide which size, weight, or temperature the object needs to have to trigger them. So, for example, if you have a pet in your house, the detectors won’t react whenever it’s running around.
    • Define whether you want motion detectors that can be integrated into a smart home security system or just want the regular ones.
    motion detector
    • It’s really important to decide on the type of sensor you want to use. We described two main types above – ultrasonic sensors and infrared sensors. However, there are other less popular types, like tomographic sensors, vibration sensors, or microwave motion sensors.
    • Ensure that you can connect these sensors to an app on your phone to fully control your security system at all times.
    • Last but not least, define the price range before choosing all the other features of your motion sensors.
    motion detector

    Summing up

    We can all agree that home security is extremely important. Everyone wants to feel safe and protected when they are at home. One of the best ways to achieve that is to install a home security system. One of the core elements of any security system is a motion sensor. It detects any suspicious activity in your area and activates all the other components of your security system. So, you’ll need to carefully choose your motion sensors and pay attention to the installation process. It’s always better to ask professionals for assistance. Sure Lock & Key has years of experience in the Locksmith and Security industry, so we’ll gladly perform this task for you.

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