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How To Unlock A Gun Safe

People may not check their gun safes functionality regularly because we expect it to be as reliable and sustainable as possible. That rule is especially applicable to safes since they symbolize durability and trustworthiness. However, unpleasant surprises might nevertheless take place. That’s how life works. If you know how to resolve the problem, accidents may not be as scary or may not necessitate further consequences. Today, we will talk about getting quick access to a gun safe without damaging the safe or the safe's contents. Sure Lock & Key is ready to successfully resolve all your Locksmith and security problems, like a gun safe if it's locked and you can’t get it open.

How To Determine A Type Of A Gun Safe Lock

Many people may not know this, but there are plenty of gun safe locks these days. Actually, there are so many types that you may face difficulties when choosing because of the variety. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular ones to understand them better. Also, we have to remember we need to find out what type of lock we’re unlocking because the process depends on having this information.
  • Standard locks

    The first type is a good old-fashioned lock with a key that needs to be turned to open your safe. These keys can often get stuck when turned, making the process more difficult. If you apply too much force, it could break.

  • Combination locks

    The second type is combination locks, which require you to enter a code to open the safe. These locks spare you the need to keep track of keys. Some of them allow you to change the code as many times as you need. This way if you want to decrease the number of people who have access to your safe, you can.

  • Digital locks

    The third type is a digital lock that uses battery power to open the safe. Like the previous ones, they do not require keys and can be opened in less than ten seconds. The only thing you need to take care of is checking the battery regularly. Their popularity grows constantly. I guess you can say this is the hottest type of safe on the market today. It’s just more simple and it can be used as a template for all the different types of digital locks, for example, the under-bed gun safe.

entering passcode to gun safe
  • Biometric locks

    Biometric locks are the most futuristic ones on this list. In a lockable safe, the keypad, combination lock, or key lock are used to access the safe. Some locking safes combine the two types of locks. A biometric gun safe uses fingerprint technology with a scanner panel to unlock the safe.

entering passcode to gun safe

How Can I Unlock Gun Safe Without A Combination?

Gun safes may be no less secure than ordinary safes. As a result, opening it may be pretty complicated. Locksmiths spend years training to open a safe without a combination. Not every safe locksmith can crack a combination dial because it requires a tremendous amount of practice and talent to acquire the skill. It is unlikely that an untrained gun safe owner can learn this in solving a gun safe lockout. However, it won’t hurt trying, especially if you remember at least a part of the combination.
Slowly rotate the dial clockwise and counterclockwise. Try to feel when your combination number ‘pops.’ However, if the lock is malfunctioning, it may spoil the feedback needed to determine the correct combination. Also, some combination dials use false gates to add this incorrect feedback while the safe is running. If there is damage that requires replacing the safe's lock, it will not work. The locks must be serviceable to be manipulated.

Need more information?

Can A Locksmith Open A Gun Safe

If, in a nutshell, yes, a professional safe locksmith can resolve your problem.
Before calling a locksmith, you should have ready your well thought out determination as to why the locking mechanisms presented a loss of access to the gun safe. So as to provide your tech with all the needed information and hasten the process.
In some situations, the internal mechanism or electronics might be damaged. Locksmiths do not always drill a safe when the combination is lost, the lock is completely out of order, or the door's internal communication is faulty. If the combination has been lost, the locksmith may try a few other ways before drilling into the safe.
There are situations where the safe manufacturer can bypass or reset the electronic lock. To get the safe manufacturing company to provide the information, you usually have to contact a locksmith to prove you’re the real safe owner. The Locksmith will try to get the bypass code for electronic locks or the combination dial before drilling. Except in those rare cases, the locksmith will open the safe. That also applies to combination locks if manipulation didn’t work.
gun with bullets in a gun safe
If you need a locksmith to help you gain access to a gun safe, you may need to spend some time searching for the right technician or company. Also, more complex locks require more expensive equipment and a more complicated process to open. Therefore, if you are trying to access an expensive safe, it may be best to get a well qualified locksmith with years of experience to help you without unnecessarily damaging the safe or its contents. Sure Lock & Key can help you open any kind of safe. We are a coast to coast company with over 35 years of experience. All our locksmiths are highly trained and licensed, so you get the service you need and deserve.
gun with bullets in a gun safe

Summing Up

A gun safe lock is like any other lock. Depending on the brand of safe, the lock can be picked, you can get the combination from the manufacturer if possible, or you can contact a locksmith if all the other options don’t work. Given the differences between gun safes, contacting a locksmith is probably the most reliable way to open the safe. So give us a call. We are happy to help. After all, it is our job.

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