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What smart locks work with Alexa

A smart lock is an important intelligent home device to consider in these challenging times. With these easy-to-install devices, you may secure your home from anywhere. These locks get even better with Amazon Alexa integration, which allows you to easily ensure everything is locked. Many Alexa-enabled devices are available today and making your home smarter and safer has never been easier. Sure Lock & Key has over 35 years of experience in the Locksmith and Security industry and we would like to help you better understand what a smart lock is and how it works. Let’s look!

What is the most reliable Smart Lock

Smart locks are devices that allow you to enter your home through secure apps on your smartphone or through the traditional keyed entry. Many homeowners have already switched to smart technology. Slowly but steadily, traditional locks have become less and less popular. Over the past few years, many security companies have introduced many of their latest inventions. Constant development and improvement of existing devices help people choose comfort and wide functionality over tradition. However, having myriads of options when choosing, might be quite confusing. That’s why we collected the best smart locks for your home to help you through the Maze of different companies and options. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.
August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a stylish lock that works with most existing deadbolts, meaning you don’t need to replace keys to use it. Instead, you may lock and unlock the door with an Alexa command, or the door can automatically unlock when you approach it with your smartphone, making it one of the best and easiest ways to use Alexa devices to secure your home.

August Smart Lock

The standard Smart Lock does not support HomeKit, even when connected to the August Connect device. However, it works great with Alexa and costs significantly less than a Pro version. You may create guest “keys” for friends’ phones with a set expiration date, making it an ideal choice for Airbnb hosts or those who don’t want to give away a physical key.

Schlage Encode

If you've lost your phone, you need to have another way into the house. A physical key is always reliable, but a PIN can be more convenient. With Schlage Encode, you may lock and unlock your door with Alexa and even transmit up to 30 custom access codes to friends, family, dog walkers, neighbors, and others.

Yale Assure Lock

When you imagine a traditional smart door lock, the Yale Assure is probably precisely what you have in mind. It works great with Alexa - if you additionally purchase a hub, you may control the lock anywhere. It can remember 250 unique PINs, so you may assign guests codes without revealing the main PIN. You may also lock all the codes at once if something goes wrong. Two physical keys are included and it only takes a few minutes and a screwdriver to install.

Can Alexa control my door locks

Amazon Assistant can control many smart locks. However, unlocking entails other problems, in particular those related to security. By default, this feature is disabled. You may enable it in the Amazon Alexa app by re-entering your Amazon account email and password and then setting up a PIN. When you ask Alexa to unlock your door, you need to repeat the PIN each time. If you or another user fails to enter the correct PIN three times, Alexa will disable the feature.
If you use this feature, make sure you don’t use an easy-to-guess PIN, such as 1-1-1-1 or your birth date, and change all default passwords. You may also update the Alexa app and related smart lock apps to avoid possible security breaches. The feature is available to users through the Amazon Alexa app updates.
Some smart locks already offer custom Alexa options that allow users to ask Alexa to unlock the door with a PIN code. However, the device manufacturers, not Amazon, added these features. By including this feature in the Amazon Alexa app, Amazon appears to be adopting a feature it shied away from when it introduced smart locks into Alexa’s purview about a year ago.
smart security system in smart phone
smart security system in smart phone

How do you install a smart lock on a door

The advantage a smart lock offers is convenience and easy access. Many can be opened with an app or digital code rather than keys. Another reason to install a smart lock is to control who has access to your home. Do you use the services of professionals, such as a cleaner or a gardener? Smart locks give you the ability to allow entry to your home remotely or only at certain times that you control.
First of all, decide whether to install the lock yourself or professionally. If you want to do it yourself, the exact instructions for installing a smart lock will vary depending on the model and manufacturer. However, the steps you need to take would be similar.
  • Prepare the existing deadbolt.
  • Attach adapter.
  • Remove the faceplate.
  • Remove the existing latch.
  • Open the thumb latches.
  • Remove the battery tab.
  • Prepare the mounting plate.
  • Attach a new lock.
  • Replace the faceplate
  • Attach the mounting plate.
Because the way you install initially will affect you throughout the years of usage, many professionals today believe that it is a must to do it right from the very beginning so that you have unobstructed and consistent usage . It is therefore wise that you call a professional locksmith. Also you should be aware of the fact that there are different forms of smart locks, each with unique characteristics which again can make things very confusing. However, installing a smart lock for your home is relatively simple if you use professional residential locksmith services.

Are smart locks safe

We looked into hands-on testing done by Sold Secure, a company that tests and certifies security products before selling them. Their services are so reliable that police forces and insurance companies often use them.
Bench testing is a simple way to find vulnerabilities in a locking device by opening it up and examining components and mechanisms. By disassembling the product, testers can identify places that may be more vulnerable to attack, which helps determine how the device should be improved.
After bench testing, it’s time to examine the vulnerabilities in practice. Locking devices must pass strength, security, and finish tests to get a high-security classification. Residential security classes test everything from resistance, rough sledgehammer attacks to weather resistance.
amazon alexa grey
Are smart locks better than ordinary locks? A certified and tested lock installed on a solid wooden door guarantees security and safety. We can’t say that every smart lock is safe, just like we can’t say that every traditional lock is 100% secure. Everything depends on your choice, correct installation and careful usage.
amazon alexa grey

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Summing up

The fact that a smart lock can be compatible with Alexa makes it more convenient and popular. Installing a smart lock is one of the easiest ways to give your family enhanced convenience and peace of mind. Alexa integration takes things to the next level, as you may check the status of your home at any time, whether you’re gone for the day, month or while still laying in bed.

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