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How To Stop Losing Keys

Have you ever thought about it? Do you have any solutions? The truth is people will lose or misplace their keys at least four or five times a year and will find it almost four to five times a year. It's that one potential time that causes all the pain. So we gathered a few pointers to help you avoid that one time a year. Sure lock & Key is a locksmith company with over 35 years of experience in the Locksmith and Security industry. With offices coast to coast we have heard all the stories, their pain, frustration and fear. The bottom line is that when you lose keys it can turn into a catastrophe. Anxiety, stress, and psychological discomfort awaits a person who has lost or misplaced the last and only key. If this happens you will obviously need the help of a key service to get a key replacement. We at Sure Lock & Key are always ready to handle any of your locksmith issues, but as professionals, we also desire to help you avoid them. We will now delineate some of the options you may have in order to save yourself from another ‘lost/misplaced key trauma’ event.

Key Cabinets

Store all your keys in one place, except for the spare ones. Two points to consider. The first, store all the keys that you use everyday in one place and the other is to have spare keys that you keep only for emergencies. In other words use them when needed for an emergency however replace them immediately after you obtain another copy. You can use the key cabinet or you can have it stored in a place that is specifically and exclusively meant just for your keys. Many believe that key cabinets aren’t the safest storing strategy because they're easily detected by potential prying eyes. On the other hand you can purchase a key cabinet that kind of molds into your home's aesthetics which will serve the purpose of storing your keys.
woman has lost a car keys
woman has lost a car keys

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Key Finder Devices

This is, probably, the most modern, as well as logical, as a solution to key storage. Key finders are small devices you attach to your key, and, in case you lose it, you can track them via your smartphone. This is the best answer to the question of “How to find lost keys?” Key finders will, of course, work with your home keys, as well as situations where you can't find or you lose your car keys. Here is a list of the best key finders on the market today.

Rely On Your Habits

If you have a habit of putting your keys in a certain place, whether it’s a table in your living room, some shelf, or a nightstand, you probably won’t have to worry about where they are. However, we are all just human beings, and after a hard day we can be too tired to think about the right place for the keys or remember where we put them the night before. That’s when the trouble usually starts. So, being organized is not always enough to keep track of your keys. We highly recommend mixing this certain-key-place approach with some others from our list. Saving yourself from one misplaced/lost mishap may make all of this worthwhile.
woman try to find a car key
woman try to find a car key

A Remarkable Keychain

Make your keys easy to spot among your furniture, car interior, or in your bag. A colorful bright keychain will do the trick. Remember not to choose a heavy keychain to your car keys because it may become unbearable to carry. Heavy keys can also damage an ignition switch, in time, because it puts excess pressure on the mechanism. These pieces of advice concern both your car and home keys. Of course, we shouldn't have to mention not to put your name or phone number or address on the keys. In today's world it's just not worth it. Be smart, be safe.

Carry Your Keys On The Belt

People who open many doors while at work will find this method incredibly convenient. You can purchase a carabiner or a special belt device, a retractable piece that you can snap onto your belt buckle, this way you won’t need to detach them each time. Also, you will have set up a consistent place to look for your keys.
keys on a bench
keys on a bench

Carry Your Keys In Secure Pockets

Open pockets or bags are an easy target for even beginner thieves. That’s why you should always check and even double-check whether a pocket with keys is appropriately closed. Try to use internal pockets or compartments when possible.

Have Spare Keys

Sometimes people can’t help losing their keys. That happens not because people don’t care but because keys are, unfortunately, easy to lose. They are small, so you won’t even notice that something is missing in your pocket or bag. So, be prepared. Make spare keys and put them somewhere safe. There are many reliable hiding places for keys, so you can choose one that will work for you. You will bless yourself for having made a backup key should events occur and you lose or misplace the original ones. This will clearly save you lots of time and money if you would need a key replacement, in the event of loss.
old keys on the ground
old keys on the ground

What Should I Do If I Lose My Key

A lost key might be a breach in your house security. Sometimes it can lay somewhere safely for eternity, and no one will ever notice it. However, it also might end up in the wrong hands. So, in case you’ve lost your home keys, we recommend replacing the lock or rekeying it.
The situation with car keys is slightly different because everything depends on your car key type. Technically advanced car keys like the key fob or smart keys need to be reprogrammed, so the lost key won’t work with the car anymore. However, car key replacement won’t be difficult with the right locksmith. Also, you can use your car dealership to get replacement keys, but usually, it takes some time and costs a lot more than locksmith services.


Even if you apply all of our methods simultaneously, there’s still no 100% guarantee that you will never lose your key. However, the chances you will need an emergency locksmith decrease significantly even if you use only one or two methods. Some people will find most of them useless, some of them have created their own combination of safety measurements, etc. What is for sure, you need to try to figure out what works for you. So, start with the one that seems the most reliable, and know that Sure Lock & Key is always here to back you up!

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