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Security tips for summer rental properties - your main targets

Most people pay a lot of attention to their home security, as they want their house to be their safe haven. What about rental properties? Usually, security in rentals is much weaker because people stay in these houses for only short periods of time. However, just because you’re staying somewhere for two weeks, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect your security. Let’s not forget that there are risks everywhere, and unfortunately, you can also be a victim of a burglary while you’re on vacation. They might target you because you’re not a local resident in the area and assume that you’re not too concerned about home security. However, when you’re on vacation, security is essential. You wouldn’t want to deal with thieves and police instead of chilling on the beach, right?

So, there are a few ways to improve vacation safety and protect your rental property. As a professional locksmith company with 35 years of experience, Sure Lock & Key is ready to provide you with valuable information about this topic. Follow this blog post and learn how to make your summer rental property a lot safer.

Why should you focus on vacation rental safety?

Rental property safety should be a top priority for both guests and owners. Owners need to do everything to prepare a house or an apartment for guests who will stay there. Guests need to check everything before moving into the place they choose. This part is essential because some owners may exaggerate the rental’s condition when in reality, it’s far from your expectations. For example, the description gives us the impression that this is a comfortable house with all the amenities, especially regarding vacation safety. However, when we check out the place, we see that it’s not even close to anything in the description. So, to avoid that, we recommend that you read the reviews. It’s easier to get an idea of the reality if you see reactions from people who rented this property earlier. However, don’t focus on one bad review among the ten positive ones. Look at the trend.
What should you do if there are not many reviews or the information in them isn’t sufficient? One thing you can do is find another place but if you are determined the next best thing to do is to ask the owner directly about the property and to provide additional pictures and videos. Sometimes, if it’s not far from you, you can even go and check the location in advance. If the owner is not a scammer and has nothing to hide, you will be able to receive all the necessary information, especially regarding safety.
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How can technology help to protect your properties

Today, security is not only about locked doors and windows. The world is developing extremely fast, and new security devices appear all the time. You have many options to choose from. However, having the required devices is not enough to secure yourself. It’s also important to understand how they work and how you can combine them to cover the property area and minimize possible risks. Most people may not understand the basic working principles of these technologies and their importance. Below we will explain exactly how you can use today’s technologies to provide a safe rental.
  1. Wi-fi cameras help you to check and monitor what’s happening on your property. This technology uses Wi-Fi to control everything inside and outside the area. You can see what’s going on even if you are away from home by connecting to the Internet and opening the application on your smartphone. Make sure you choose the best location to avoid blind spots.
  2. A smart doorbell helps to manage access. This device is much better than the traditional one for several reasons. First, you don’t need to open the door to see the visitor. Second, you can record all the activity that happens outside. Third, you don’t need to be at home to deny access to unwanted visitors because you can do it remotely. If you have a two-way audio doorbell, you can speak with the person at your door anytime and from any place as long as you have internet reception.
  3. Locks for windows help to deter burglaries. Statistics tell us that a window is an intruder’s most common entry point. As a property owner, you should ensure that all the windows in the house are protected. Motion sensor devices and window locks will stop an intruder from going inside. These gadgets are tiny and could be masked with natural objects, giving the owner an advantage over the intruders.
There are some additional features you can use to make your property safer. Each property differs from one another in many aspects (location, property area, presence of neighbors, etc.). As the owner, you should also consider these factors when deciding which property to lease.

What safety devices should my rental have?

Renters and owners may have different priorities for home security. Those who rent the property will likely choose something that doesn’t require altering the home (drilling the walls or something similar), or they’ll want a personal protection device. It’s portable, and you can carry it around everywhere with you. However, it doesn’t cover a large area, and it won’t provide you with a high level of security. It’s preferable when owners have installed good security systems. So, let’s look through the most effective devices and tools you may use.
  • Entry sensor: As you can understand from the name, this sensor is placed at the entry point and is used to detect any movement in that area. When the door opens, you get a notification that someone is entering.
  • Smart locks: This is a good alternative to a classical mechanical lock. A smart lock is all about a keyless entry. You can open the door with the combination code or biometrics. These locks are slowly taking over traditional ones. So, if you’re thinking about replacing your old lock, you can receive assistance from residential locksmith services. Locksmiths have the required skills and knowledge and can do everything quickly and efficiently.
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  • Smart lights. With these lights, you can create different scenarios (a romantic dinner for two, a late-night party, etc.), and also they are useful for security purposes. If you know you will be away for a while, you can set the lights as if you are home. To thieves, it can look like someone’s inside, so chances are they won’t break in.
  • Security cameras: With cameras, you will have an “extra pair of eyes” almost everywhere. Just choose the right location to place them and ask a professional to help you with the installation.
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Ways to ensure vacation rental safety

Understanding why each of the security devices is needed is not enough. You need to regularly check them to make sure everything works properly and if there are any issues. There’s no use in a security system that doesn’t function properly. To avoid this, you can follow some vacation rental tips to ensure your safety.
It’s vital that you check all the entries. If the house you rent has more than one front door, secure it as well. Thieves will try all available options to get inside. As we mentioned above, windows are also used as entry points for thieves. So, ensure that they are secured too.
Check the cameras’ surveillance angles. There is no need to put cameras on every corner of the home as it would be unnecessarily expensive. A better idea is to use a few cameras and to choose the best places for them, so they’ll cover most of the property.
Check the Internet connection. It’s vital to provide a stable internet connection for security systems that solely depend on Wi-Fi.

Summing up

As you can see, the amount of rental essentials, especially for security-related issues, is surprisingly high. Owners can’t afford to risk their reputation and lease an unsafe place, while guests wouldn’t want to choose a place where they won’t feel secure. So, to provide the best security for your rental property, you’ll need some professional assistance. Having a local locksmith you can count on is an intelligent solution, as you can ask for help anytime. If you’re still uncertain what the best home security system is, you can always contact an expert in the field of security and ask for advice. Sure Lock & Key might be an excellent option for you. Each member of our team is fully trained and skilled in all aspects of locksmithing and security. Do you need to prepare your property for potential guests? Give us a call!

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