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Home Security Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Trying to make our home as safe as possible, you might be going in the wrong direction. There's so much information today, it’s hard to be sure whom you can trust and whom you shouldn’t. Regarding these matters, you should always, without exception, rely on professionals, only. Sure Lock & Key wants to help you make your house as secure as possible. Let's review some of these security myths:

It's Enough To Live In Safe Neighborhoods

Obviously, it's great to live in a safe neighborhood, but could this advantage protect you against burglary? Moreover, how many crimes do we need to happen to claim some neighborhoods are safe or dangerous? The answer is "one". That's how tiny this line between safety and danger is. So, you always have to blend security measurements and never rely only on the reputation of the place you live in.
security camera for courtyard
security camera for courtyard

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Old Homes Aren't Suitable For Home Security Systems Installation

Some people may think that leading-edge security technology and antique-like buildings aren't compatible. That's not true. There are so many different security systems today that you definitely can find the one that suits your security needs no matter what the age, structure or material used in the construction of your home. You don't even have to change anything since a wireless security system requires a minimum intrusion into your home's interior.

Pet Owners Can’t Get Home Security Systems

That a pet would cause false alarms all the time. Well, that could be true but it is most certainly not. Since You can choose a home security system with a "pet-friendly" mode. This type of system is equipped with motion detection designed to recognize your pet. In a nutshell, your dog or cat won't cause the alarm to set off because the system will know that this is not a burglar.
smartphone for home security system
smartphone for home security system

Home Security System Installation Is Too Much Of A Fuss

This is one of the most popular myths. Yes, the installation takes some time, and your daily routine is likely to be disturbed but only once. However, you have options of how, where and when. You can also opt for a DIY home security system and install it without letting strangers into your home. You can purchase a wireless system to avoid interior damage. Moreover, you can rely on a professional security company, so you won't have to spend time learning the subject, and you will have the job done quickly and most importantly, professionally.
If the presence of third persons is a big issue for you, remember that technicians will leave your home quickly, but the advantages you get will last for many years to come.

Home Security Systems Are Too Hard To Use

Another misconception. Thinking about home security systems and security items for homes, people usually imagine futuristic technologies straight out of some sci-fi movies. Sometimes, such devices are indeed futuristic. However, no inventor would design an item that couldn’t be easily used by those in their intended market. Moreover, all the latest technologies tend to be more user-friendly as well as being more intuitive, etc. That's why you are more likely to find a home security system relatively easy to use.
woman uses security keypad
woman uses security keypad


Home security technologies are constantly evolving. We may be about to discover something that will change our present day leading edge technologies, entirely. However, the truth is we have to use the technology we already have in order to make future inventions possible. There are certainly great advances that we have made today that can “break-in proof'' your home not only from burglars or other potential intruders but can protect your family from fire, smoke, and gas leaks. There will always be many myths about everything, but none of them are convincing reasons not to be proactive in supplying the most protective and affordable security when it comes to your home.

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