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Security measures that every landlord should provide for their tenants

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home, no matter if it’s rented or their own. However, if you rent a house, its security is the landlord's responsibility.

If you’re a landlord, you need to ensure your tenants are protected when they’re on your property. First, people are more likely to choose an apartment or house with decent security. Also, if you secure your property in advance, there’ll be no need to deal with the consequences of a break-in. Sure Lock & Key knows everything about home security and we would like to share our knowledge with you. So, if you want to learn more about various security measures, keep reading.

Securing doors and windows

More than 70% of criminals get into the house through the front door. In other cases, they might use your back door or windows. So, we can definitely say that it’s extremely important to secure all the main entry points in your house. What are the best ways to enhance your door security and window security?
If you’re a landlord, installing reliable locks on doors and windows is the best way to protect your building. Also, to secure your windows, you may equip them with security bars, glass-break detectors and various locks. Another great option is installing sensors on your porch and at your front and back doors. So you or your renter will know whenever they detect any suspicious activity.
Some might think that that’s where a landlord’s part finishes. However, being a landlord also means taking care of your property all the time and being ready to fix different kinds of issues.
secure window lock
Now, let’s discuss what a tenant may do to secure their home. It is worth noting that only some things depend on a landlord. There are things a renter needs to take care of on their own. Even though it may sound obvious, always check if your doors and windows are closed before leaving the house or going to sleep. Although many criminals won’t even bother dealing with locks, some who are not that determined to break in and don’t want to leave traces might seek an easier target. In other words, an unlocked window is a temptation for a thief. It’s advisable to keep windows on the first floor locked when you’re not home or if it’s late and a burglar might decide that no one is inside. Also, from time to time, ensure that all your locks are functional. If some of them show signs of oncoming breakage, it’s advisable to call your landlord and go for residential locksmith services.
secure window lock

The Right locks

Another extremely important factor is the lock you use for your door. You’re probably wondering what type of lock is the best for your front door.
  • One of the most popular front door locks is a deadbolt. These locks are considered to be the most secure ones. They’re composed of strong and sturdy materials that can withstand various physical attacks. They have a complex locking mechanism, which is almost impossible to pick with all the common lockpicking tools.
  • Mortise locks are known to be the ones with the highest security level. That’s why they are mainly used for outside doors. Just like the previous type, mortise locks are made to withstand physical attacks and brutal force applying.
  • Another option that is gaining popularity today is a smart lock. One of its biggest advantages is that it doesn’t have a keyhole, so it’s impossible to pick them. Another benefit they offer is a remote control. This type of lock can be connected to your smartphone. So, even if you forget to lock your door, you can do it remotely. Also, you can control who and when accesses your property.
When you’re done with deciding whether you want a deadbolt or a smart lock, you might face another torment of choice. There are many lock manufacturers out there today, so choosing the best door lock brand without professional assistance might be a tough task.

Restricted access control

Another great way to protect your property is to provide it with restricted access control. First of all, you need to keep track of all the keys you give to your tenants. If some keys were lost or not given back, you might need to change locks or rekey them. You may use keys that are patented and can’t be copied even by a locksmith.
Another way to restrict access to your building is an electronic lock. This type of lock doesn’t require a key. It can be operated with cards or a combination. So you can easily change the combination from time to time. With this type of lock, you can check the access history, so you’ll be able to see who enters your property.

Security cameras

You may use professional security services and equip your house with security cameras.
  • First of all, cameras act as a strong crime deterrent. The biggest fear of most criminals is getting noticed, so they usually avoid houses equipped with cameras and alarms.
  • Cameras allow you to control the situation inside the house from anywhere and at any time. You can choose whether to monitor it yourself or hire a professional security company to do it for you.
  • Most security cameras today can be connected to your alarm system. Both can be connected to your phone. So every time they detect someone entering your property, you’ll receive a notification.
security cameras for set up
Today there are many different security cameras at different prices. So, you can always choose one that suits your needs the most. However, when talking about renting property, we shouldn’t forget about privacy. That’s why many landlords choose not to equip their buildings with cameras or leave that option to tenants. If you own an apartment building, you may equip hallways with cameras. In many cases, that would be enough for security without intruding on someone’s private space.
security cameras for set up

Exterior lights

Another important thing to consider is how well the area around your house is lit. Criminals usually avoid places equipped with decent exterior lights.
You may consider getting motion sensor lights. They’ll turn on any time someone gets into your area. Plus, these exterior lights make tenants' lives easier and more convenient. They don’t have to wander in the dark when they come home late. There are fewer chances of falling, tripping over something, etc.

Summing up

So, we can all agree that one of the main responsibilities of any landlord is to provide their tenants with the highest level of protection. Thankfully, today, there are so many security devices that can be used for that purpose. It’s important to provide your house with qualitative doors and locks. Consider installing a security system with cameras and detectors to control your property 24/7. Sure Lock & Key will gladly assist you with any of these tasks.

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