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Smart Locks VS. Traditional Locks

There’s still no agreement on which lock is the best. The answer always lies somewhere between “the one which is the most secure”, “the one you prefer” and their respective costs. However, we’re here to provide you with the information about these lock types from a professional point of view so that you can make an intelligent choice. Let’s figure out why getting rid of traditional locks is rather a wise idea and also explain what a smart lock is. Sure Lock & Key is here to advise and clarify any questions about locksmithing as well as to provide the professional services as they become necessary!

Smart Locks: Pros And Cons

Are smart locks worth it? Living in a digital age, we should consider taking advantage of the advantages it can give. Smart locks are definitely one of them. Easy in use, with a long list of possible functions, smart locks guarantee the highest level of security as well as convenience.
The main advantage of such locks is that they don’t look like traditional ones, so traditional methods of thievery can not be applied. Since there’s no keyway, such a lock can’t be picked!
While a traditional lock has only one function, a smart lock has many beneficial functions. If your responsibilities cause you to walk around with massive key sets that weigh you down, a smart key can be your hero. Struggling with the key while it’s cold outside is a thing of the past. Also, you don’t need to waste your time on key searching before leaving and if you don’t want to leave your bed to check to see who’s ringing the doorbell? Not a problem at all with a smart home lock.
woman uses a smart lock
Moreover, many of these locks are compatible with voice assistants. Whether you use Alexa or Google Home, you can connect them to maximize your options. Wouldn’t it be great to lock or unlock a door with just the use of your voice? Also, your door type or place of residence isn’t an obstacle. You can get a smart lock for the sliding door, and smart locks for apartments are an intelligent way to secure your property as well. As you can see, there are myriads of options for smart lock installation and functionality. They can be of different designs that compliment any home design.
woman uses a smart lock

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Smart Locks Durability

Some people think that electronic gadgets are easy to break and vulnerable to different damages. That’s not true. All of them are designed to be durable, but, of course, no lock will survive misuse, even traditional ones. Smart lock manufacturers consistently improve their products to make sure people upgrade every now and then. Besides, smart locks are resistant to weather changes. So whether you live in a place with high humidity, low or high temperatures, you shouldn’t be afraid of your lock becoming damaged. All you need to do is choose the suitable lock and get it installed correctly. Also, a professional smart locks installation guarantees its durability and full functionality.

Smart Locks Popularity

People would rather choose something tested when it comes to their home security. However, if you consider smart locks as something new that still needs to win your trust, you should check what other people, average users and professionals, think about them.
It may be very hard to give up on something that you are accustomed to. This is why using smart locks have slowly but surely become the norm for many people in search of a top rated security system. Sure Lock & Key has over 35 years of experience, and we sincerely believe that smart locks are the best and the easiest way to secure your home. If you’re not ready for home security systems, or CCTV cameras scare you, purchase a smart lock. It’s easy to use, doesn’t require special knowledge, but at the same time, it will greatly raise your home security.
smartphone opens a smart lock
smartphone opens a smart lock

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